1. I used to vote left. Since getting into guns, I vote for more independents and will skip voting in a race if the democrat is too gun-grabby or otherwise incompetent.

  2. I seem to recall reading that Trump regularly refuses to pay people. It makes you wonder how he can even get lawyers at this point. However, it also makes a bit of sense, since the lawyers he gets seem to be garbage, because no one else wants to work for him. They file frivolous, pointless lawsuits, and get sanctioned because they should know better. I don't get it -- maybe they are convinced there will be a big payday or something. Any lawyer that isn't a hack fraud knows that Trump's lawsuits are trash and will never go anywhere.

  3. I don't want to go into too many details, but Trump was building a high rise years back and there were 2 companies in the city that could supply what the architects specified. They both bid on it, one got it, and part of the deal is that they would be paid daily, before sending out the material (word had gotten around by this time about how Trump operates). As the building got close to being finished, they tried to stop paying in advance, so the trucks didn't go out and there was a ton of man hours being wanted waiting around.

  4. All the Big Tech companies, especially social media, harvest your info. TikTok learned from the best, and besides it's a great app. No complaints. This is about turning China into The Adversary, same as with Russia. More political BS.

  5. Not nearly as much as I'm anti-propaganda, whichever side it comes from. Russia: the current Ukraine situation was instigated by the US in efforts to establish further hegemony by destabilizing the region.

  6. Ok. So let's start with facts that aren't propaganda. Russia invaded a sovereign nation. Russia is seeking to expand its territory and influence. Fuck Russia based on those facts alone.

  7. Yeah, after 20 years all of the other shops, restaurants and hotels are just going to all fold up shop and walk away from the site…

  8. We've seen it time and time again. But the stadium shills will keep going on pretending this is a great thing for the future - a future the citizens will never see.

  9. This has never required a union though. One can always refuse to do work that isn’t under their job responsibilities

  10. And without a union, you can be fired for refusing that extra work that was never part of the original agreement, especially in an at-will state. That's why a union matters. Thank you for helping me explain it so succinctly.

  11. No, that's a different word. If you'd like some vocabulary lessons, let me know. I'm a leftist, so you know I'd actually be happy to help, as opposed to just telling you to pull yourself up from your bootstraps. My mom was an ESL teacher for many years. I have access to a lot of educational materials if you'd like them, just lmk. I'd be happy to pass them along to help anyone who can use them and wants to learn!

  12. Another post on Reddit mentioned that people should save them, put them in an envelope, then go to church and put them in the tithe plate.

  13. I like that. It's probably the only reason I would go to church. Or temple. Or mosque. Or whatever these shitty asshole nutjobs call it.

  14. Yeah plus the jags spent money and picks to put talent around him. Crazy how a good supporting cast elevates your level of play lmao

  15. Are you suggesting that if I put professional players on my team, I'm more likely to perform well than if I add T-ballers?

  16. If gay people made up 80% of the population, I could see myself being mildly anti-gay (I still wouldn't believe in treating people badly for their choices or for who they're attracted to). But it's like 10% and it's been around for millennia and exists in other species, so meh, who cares?

  17. That’s more or less a rephrasing of Jesus’ own saying, but yeah, the laws of nations are of people and religion is not supposed to meddle. Some sects of Christianity go as far as not voting or participating in politics in any way.

  18. Yeah, in fact we should take away their right to vote!

  19. No, they should just understand that their vote isn't needed because their reward is in heaven.

  20. Honestly is always the best policy. However, by default, this makes dishonesty the second-best policy.

  21. i hope they have fun competing with the sea of other dispos out in battlecreek that have decent product and reasonable prices 😅

  22. If you asked me where in MI I wanted to open a dispo, Battle Creek would definitely be in my bottom 10. Too many and too much competition. It's crazy. But it would be cool to have a place with tons of glass and other pieces on shelves where you could check them out.

  23. Dear Management, I will not be threatened into being more pleasant. Fuck you and goodbye.

  24. Holosun thermals seem pretty neat especially at that price point. I just want to see if they actually work

  25. I knew they were gonna be expensive, but $2,300? I'm not surprised, honestly thought it would be a grand more at least, but still, dang!

  26. So what would happen if I had a phone with a removable battery? Oh sorry. See? It's dead. The battery? Oh it's in my luggage.

  27. Fair enough, but words like ‘humorless assholes’, looking down on something, or not getting anything ‘above’ them, comes off like a hierarchy of humor with better and worse types. Just my opinion, not trying to call you out on anything.

  28. Your first question has no real answer (I'd guess upward of 100%), and for your second, I think that comedians have their own sense of humor and they write toward that, but only change the details based on the audience. (A maga walks into a bar.... A libtard walks into a bar.... and the punchline is largely the same).

  29. I didn't mean that as a value judgment because it's not just a spectrum, more like a matrix. I just put it that way for simplicity. My apologies if it bothers anyone.

  30. Now I'm curious as to the specifics of the campaign and how horribly it has aged.

  31. I remember the early, "Hey Ladies! Cleaver your Beaver!" advertisements that would play frequently on black and white TV back in the 50's. We didn't have color TV back then, you know. We had to just focus on the blacks and the whites. So a lot of people don't know this, but my younger brother actually invented the color TV. You see, one day I was doing my school work and I wasn't paying attention, but my younger brother Greg, he was playing with a box of crayons and I remember the tv was on and he started drawing on the TV set with his crayons and at the time my mom didn't realize what a genius he was so she started yelling at him and he got so scared his later hand was shaking with that brown crayon in his hand and he didn't know what to do, so partly out of fear and partly out of excitement, he stuck the crayon up his butt. And funny thing, to this day, every time he wipes his butt, he still gets little streaks of brown.

  32. Two fish were swimming around in a tank. One turned to the other and said, "So do you know how to drive this thing?"

  33. I used to be a manager without a key. It was always so hilarious to me. I'd be standing outside with the guys smoking cigarettes and shrugging my shoulders like, "well, whatever you're supposed to be doing, you're not getting in trouble for not doing it because I'm here as a witness and there ain't nobody here with a key!" I also don't know why I never got a key, but I always looked at it as my boss's issue and I didn't really want the responsibility, so why would I ask for it?

  34. I'm going to give the person who made this the benefit of the doubt and propose that they unintentionally made Suzy a single mom because there wasn't anyone in the main cast of "All Grown Up" that she was usually shipped with (except maybe Angelica),

  35. pcj says:

    You always could poop in a box, just now there is someone who you can pay to expect you to ship it to them.

  36. Can confirm. Have always been able to poop in a box, just like my daddy and his daddy before him.

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