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NATO will act if Russia hits alliance, U.S. says

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  1. OP sent the following text as an explanation on why this is unexpected:

  2. are guilds still mega rich if they own Everfall ? still have like 3 million gold because I got the earnings for 1 week lmao

  3. I will believe it when I see them in the hands of the Ukranians. Nothing against the German people, but some politicians, specialy your Chancelor and Finance Minister are being very suspect and shady

  4. Vielleicht BDA, aber hey, ich bin's auch, und kann damit leben. Ich hasse Antimaskenheinis wie die Pest. Gestern ist ein dummes Miststück zu meiner Freundin in den Laden gestürmt und hat sie angeschrien wie unverschämt es denn sei, Kunden zu bitten weiterhin freiwillig eine Maske zu tragen. Wenn ich im Einzelhandel arbeiten würde wäre ich wahrscheinlich schon lange gefeuert oder im Knast. Wenn mich das zu einem schlechten Menschen macht dann sei's drum, ich hasse sei einfach und wünsche mir dass es sie nicht gäbe.

  5. macht halt keinen Sinn wenn deine Freundin die Leute damit volllabert, ist nunmal erlaubt und der Ladenbesitzer findet es ja auch okay

  6. I have 20k but probably have over a million in mats. And spent even more in getting best in slots armour and weapon crafts. I may make 200k in a day but the next day i will be broke buying material. I am rich in resources.

  7. yeah most people need to buy mats so you don't overflow on gold, one bis item is already half goldcap

  8. How nice for you. If you have double that implies you're a company owner...which, frankly, explains a lot.

  9. well if my friends do this multiple I won't plan something with them again. don't plan it in the first place

  10. Yes because legality. It’s literally what separates us from russia

  11. you are very braindead it seems. how will he manage to recreate USSR 2.0 when he has Ukraine ?

  12. I think you have no idea what a nuclear weapon can do to the planet.

  13. Why does anybody listen to this shit ? He should just stfu

  14. This price is a joke anyway, only used for propaganda

  15. To be fair Evey politician is a piece of shit and doesn't deserve to sleep at night so he should shut his mouth

  16. Yeah, doubt. While they have many nukes, they're not uncounterable. It would be chaotic, but people will survive. Russia? Not so much

  17. You should read some stuff what will happen when you use that many nuclear weapons.

  18. Well, if Putin goes mad to the point of using nukes, Russia will be turned into a black hole in less than 24h.

  19. I think you don't understand what will happen if there is a nuclear exchange. Everybody will die no matter where you are. But for me that would be fine, the earth doesn't deserve a dumb species like this

  20. I don't want nuclear war at all, but when does it get to the point where enough is enough? How many times do we allow Russia to get away with its invasions and other aggressions?

  21. Well problem is if we go to nuclear war the whole planet is fucked

  22. Haha US is winning too they don't need to be so shy about it

  23. why do redditors always think nuclear war is the logical conclusion to any conflict?

  24. Because everything else makes no sense for Russia, they literally have 0% chance of winning a conventional war against NATO

  25. Also ich sehe es irgendwo als ehrenhaft an für sein Land in den Krieg zu ziehen aber wenn man Mal ehrlich ist kämpft man für jemand sehr reichen der seine Wirtschaftsinteressen durchsetzen möchte und ist bei heutiger Technik doch sowieso nur Kanonenfutter. Glaube man stellt sich das ganze jetzt erstmal zu heldenhaft vor

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