Kanye West’s Massive Reddit Page Overtaken By Taylor Swift Appreciation, Holocaust Awareness Content as Fans Abandon Him

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  1. Of course it’s the Artificer who turns it into a fun happy song!

  2. That’s not Ma’alaea, looks nothing like Ma’alaea. The creator of that video is not even based on Maui. The West Maui Mountains start high and go low. But in the video you see a higher crest of mountains further in the distance. And he has to be looking west as the sun is setting. I’m born and raised on Maui.

  3. With this kind of beard he might as well be a bawdy elf and play in a field of flowers.

  4. Give the guy a break! He’s only 2 years old! (judging by the beard.)

  5. They think they’re above everyone else. So that works.

  6. A dead fish under the hood of his car. If you can’t scare him. Then go the smelly route. Small price for nearly killing the hearing of you and everyone else.

  7. When my baby brother was born and returned home. I was 3 at the time. I saw the hospital bracelet “Oh look he has a price tag. Can we return him?”

  8. I want to say Iago from Othello. He was truly an evil manipulative sonofabitch. No powers, just manipulative to get what he wants. I’m not saying 8/10 he takes it. But it’s certainly bigger than 0/10.

  9. Not only did Senku start from nothing but he did all of that shit in under a year if I’m remembering right? That was basically with no resources aside from a small village of people. (Granted if it wasn’t for the scientist cave-boy he wouldn’t have had nearly as much of a headstart thanks to him collecting resources as a hobby)

  10. All he would need is a trip to the citadel or see the maester to start his Kingdom of science.

  11. Given the response to Kenobi, I think we can all agree that’s true. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  12. What amazes me is how unbothered they all are when literally turning into someone else, genitals and all.

  13. “Clark, that cat had 9 lives and just spent every last one of them.” 😂

  14. Does no one get he’s doing a bit and messing with her? That he just enjoys fucking around with people?

  15. I played a Paladin once that got trapped in a burning building with a vampire lord, he was on fire, very cross, and was intent on taking me out with him, so I did what any sensible lunitic would, I tackled him through a structurally weak wall and tanked the damage from the backdraft as the flaming orphanage collapsed behind me while he took four readied holy-oil soaked crossbow bolts to the face in the early morning sunlight, then we all went and got shitfaced

  16. Since its such a hot topic. I wouldnt be surprised if men smuggle an additional few cm to their height to reach a more desirable number.

  17. I’m 5’2” but I say I’m 5’4”, either way. I’m short. I’m just less short. 😂

  18. Garrus, it’s always Garrus. The only one to fight alongside me from the very beginning. I’m happy for him and Tali.

  19. He didn’t get turned into a newt. A duck magically appeared inside of him.

  20. I genuinely don't think he can beat Cal, at least by the end of the game with all his force abilities.

  21. The time I spent trying to beat Second Sister, the techniques, tactics, and attacks that I used? Kylo Ren won’t know what hit him!

  22. When exactly did we forget that the whole idea of acting is pretending to be a fictional character?

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