1. Clearly you didn't notice Wallace & Gromit in there

  2. Yeah i wouldn't say there's all terrible movies but I didn't notice anything obscure. I usually have a good eye for the rarer media and often pick up cheap movies that are worth 20x what I paid for them. If you ever spot hey duggee the wedding badge and other stories for a bargain price grab it. I have no idea why but that particular dvd was selling for around the 20 mark in cex not too long back. All the other duggee dvds are around the 3 mark

  3. Where is this? Can't find cheap dvds or cds where I am in the uk.

  4. Cats protection in hythe. But there were a few other shops offering 10 for a quid or strangely 50p each lol. Might as well just grab 10 if you find one you like lol

  5. Season 1 and 2 I believe. I did also spot a finding nemo in there. It's. A great selection if you were a car boot reseller. But I have most of the disneys already and I have to be very selective about what I pick up these days otherwise I just end up with dvds I have or get rid of again

  6. That's a touch. Both sold as untested and both appear to be working fine. Not bad for £3 each. Iv gifted the Walkman to the other half as she used to own one back in the day. The flash pad can go to the kids

  7. Pop 4 paracetamol half hour before you meet them. It'll raise your blood preassure enough for any bullshit you're going to say about your physical well being to be believed. My father used the same trick when he wanted half day off work and had to be cleared by the resident nurse. It's not something I reccomend doing on a regular basis though otherwise you will make yourself ill

  8. Tagines should be good to go as soon as you've bought them. Pissing about with saasoning only helps if you had some rusty cast iron you need to get back to its prime. Admittedly iv never cooked in a clay pot but that's because I'm not resigned to just using solid fuel as the heat source. Tagines have no real place in a modern kitchen.

  9. I had to look it up and they're definitely not cheap. Are you a jam maker or did you buy it to flip it?

  10. Iv made jam in the past. I'm not specifically a reseller but I will often pick up items that I know are massively underpriced. That way I can get some use out of them and still be in profit when we do need a clear out. I do the same with videogames as well but often just end up keeping them lol. I would make a terrible reseller. I know what's worth flipping. But I can't bring myself to part with it lol

  11. Very nice. I never really got super into Minecraft story mode but I didn't dislike it either. Hope you have fun!

  12. Yeah iv never been massively into Minecraft but I do understand it's appeal. And I am quite into dragon quest builders which is very similar

  13. Does this only have season 1 on it? Its a bit confusing as it says the complete adventure episodes 1-8 but there also a season 2 disc aswell.. Bargain by the way, charity shops near me are a but piss poor for games 😂

  14. Not a clue. I do know it's 15 in cex though where as episode 1 only version is £4. For what I paid its bargain enough and I can get £10 on trade in. Not that I'm selling as the kids have got to the age where they're big on Minecraft now

  15. I think you're confusing the term theory with hypothesis. The latter is a speculative idea. A theory is what's created from already establish facts and stands up to every attempt to disprove it.

  16. Got a bottle opener in the shape of the millennium falcon. Iv used it exactly once since it was bought many years ago. It also wasn't me that needed it lol.

  17. Not an unpopular opinion. I like being thrifty. Most people probbaly do. I would rather have money in the bank than feel as if I need to spend it just because it's avalable, you never know what the next day is going to bring so it makes sense to want to live sensibly and save for the unknown when you might actually need that nest egg. Having said that I pissed away a large chunk earlier today on something I technically did need but bought the best version of it. Damn did I feel guilty for doing so. If you know what poverty feels like you remember it even if you're sitting financially comfortably.so there's an element of guilt about being frivolous with your money (I use the term you a lot but realy I mean me lol) I do like the finer things in life but I pride myself even more when I attain them at stupidly low prices. I have the same as most others and I pay less. I call that a reason to be proud especially when the excess savings build up. Loads of people live from paycheck to paycheck these days. Through my sensible spending I could go a full year without another paycheck and still cover the basics

  18. Romantic comedy probably. I'm not keen on musicals either but there's always exceptions of course. When it's a Disney animated it seems to work very well in musical even if not all of the choices are to my taste. Ill never like frozen but I can understand the appeal to little pre teens. I think the "you better come take a look at this" trope is done as is the bad guy eating an apple lol

  19. Damn you have it bad where you live. I download terabytes of material through my isp without having to hide my Id. They don't give a solitary shit. Been doing it for decades

  20. Great If you're in from the get go. Not so great when you're at the end of the line and realise it's just another pyramid scheme designed funnel the money of the gullible and greedy to the few people at the top of that scam. I also have no sympathy for the gullible and greedy who see their "investment" depreciate and become worthless. Never invest in anything that you wouldn't be just as happy to own if you can't sell it on for a profit

  21. Boring enough that I couldnt be bothered to get more than half hour in without switching off. Maybe one day I'll push myself through it. But not today......tomorrow isn't looking too likely either

  22. But what if you are unemployed for a long time? How does that affect your psychology?

  23. Iv been long term unemployed. It happens that's life' loads of people are. The trick is to not beat yourself up about it as there's plenty of people that will do that for you anyway. Try to find some voluntary work or throw yourself into an affordable hobby. At the very least it will take your mind off your situation and you'll also have something current to put down on your cv that shows potential employers that you're not just sitting around doing fuck all. Lastly never go into any interview comming across as desperate. You should have so much shit going on in your life even if you're not currently employed that you can enjoy getting back into it the moment the interview has ended. If you already have something you enjoy you're going to come across as more confident when you walk into any interview as you'll seem as if youre there because you want to be rather then because you need to. Don't undervalue yourself. Hell long before I was in the job I am now I had a few hobbies I enjoyed and threw myself into. And they were cheap or free hobbys so didn't financially restrict me

  24. By finding a job. While you're unemployed though live within your means and stop looking at what others have

  25. That Spider-Man is a neat find, did you look it up on Ebay? Might be worth something?

  26. Just checked. It doesn't appear to be particularly expensive. Although there also doesn't seem to be a massive amount of copies for sale either. It was released in 2001 on both vhs and dvd. It is avalable in parts on YouTube however. Someone uploaded it there

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