1. Have you seen The Black Cauldron. I really loved the first 15 minutes, but after that, I’ll just say that it’s not my cup.

  2. Nah never seen it but its more of a bucketlist title to slot into the collection. I do know it wasn't a commercial success for disney. But bloody hell was it difficult to track down a copy in the wild (the wild meaning highstreet used shops)

  3. I was 7 when I saw it in theaters, and I didn’t like it. Saw it again for the first time earlier this year. Like I said, the first 15 minutes I thought were great…

  4. I think I have many moons ago. But I can't remember much about it, we do have that one in dvd as well. There's a charity shop in my town that sells dvds at 3 for £1 and they do have a lot of Disney titles. I padded out our kids (and our) Disney collection with a lot of stock from that shop. Annoyingly now I go in and look along their shelf and they still have loads of cheap Disney but we have them all and it's a rare occasion that I actually find one we haven't got lol. I usually only go for the animated movies though. But have a few sellect live action as well such as bedknobs and broomsticks' Mary poppins and my fave 80s classic flight of the navigator

  5. Nothing particulaly extravagant tonight. Only real lah de dah about it is the lemon mayo I made to go with it and I had some tartar sauce plopped on mine

  6. How is Civilization on console? Loved the early PC versions and the low graphics.

  7. Revolutions is probbaly the weakest version of the civ games. As it was very scaled down compared to what came before. But I still enjoyed it when I had it on ps3 and for the price its a worthwhile pick up

  8. South East UK. Black ops 2 is a 15 quid game in cex and even episodes from liberty city is 8. Sleeve has seen better days but I still couldn't pass it up. Especially as I recently picked up gta 4 for the same price

  9. The rooster song? Yeah I wound my work colleagues up singing that one year lol

  10. This past week I’ve been listening to Just Can’t Wait To Be King on repeat…Apple Music has every Disney album out there, its glorious. Lol I may have to look up the one for this movie. This was childhood glory. Thanks for the blast from the past :) <3

  11. I did also pick up a moana soundtrack cd today for £1 but didn't take a pic of that one. Probbaly more for my daughter that one than my son.

  12. Inspired by a taco bell I ordered a while back I thought I would make my own variation. So on a tortilla I smeared some salsa then added some spicy fried onions and peppers on top of that some fried thigh strips in a spicy cheese sauce. Followed by some grated hard mozerella and sour cream and guac with some pickled jalapino slices. Finally wrapping into a nice parcel in tinfoil and oven baking till the cheese melted and sealed it all together. Finally dry panned it for some added colour and served 3x for me and 3x for the other half. Only difference between mine and the missus is I left out the jalapinos with hers

  13. Spend way too much money on shit I don't need. Then sell that shit when it starts to become clutter and repeat the cycle.

  14. Butter in a pan' then add chopped choritzo and finely chopped dry cured sausage (i know that's technically choritzo but we had a mix) fry for a few mins and then add 3 beaten eggs with garlic' mixed herbs and salt and pepper. Grate over some cheese just before fully set and then once set put onelette onto a large tortilla and roll up. Return the tortilla to a clean pan and dry pan the roll to seal it. Do that as many times as you have the ingredients/stomach/people your cooking for. In my case we used a whole pack of 15 eggs lol. But they did need using up

  15. I can't stop spending every time I'm in town lol. I don't get paid till the 25th and I'm realy trying to not pick shit up. But damn it shops keep having Intesting stuff that I keep filling up our finite space with lol.

  16. Find something expensive you’ve always wanted (maybe a dream car) and save towards that. It’ll help you keep your bank account high.

  17. My bank account isn't in an unhealthy state as it is. But I'm still buying crap on an almost daily basis. It helps that I'm always scouring for bargains though and that helps keep costs low. It's nit so much the money as it is the space I have left lol. Way too much of a hoarder by far.

  18. You technically dont need ro update at all if you're already sitting on firmware capable of accepting custom payloads. Mine is sitting on 7.55 and I dont feel any need to update. Most latter games eventually recieve backports anyway so you can or at least will eventually be able to play them on your current firmware anyway

  19. Thanks. Where are games coming from these days? Usenet?

  20. There are a few websites online that have fpkg files. I can't remember the names off by hand as they're all bookmarked on my laptop and I'm currently on my tablet. But a Google search of ps4 fpkg file/isos will eventually find you a list. Otherwise there's always torrents.

  21. Loads. Donkey Kong Country' Mario 64' mortal kombat or in fact most rare games during the snes/n64 era I think are massively overrated. Same for edgelord titles like manhunt/mortal kombat etc I also thing the warrior's gets a lot of undeserved adoration from its fanboys as well. That's not to say I don't like those games or think they're bad. But they're far from the excellent their fans insist they are. Also wind waker also overrated. I do of course have very resonable explanations as to why I hold those opinions. But reason is often lost on fanboys who are emotionally invested in code and software

  22. That's people have issues with me not liking certain foods. I have a very broad pallet when it comes to food and I can name the foods I dont like on one hand with fingers left over, but for some reason iv just not had it cooked right in spite of the fact that iv given certain foods every chance possible before deciding they're just not for me. The real irony is the people that take issue with my dislikes of certain foods are often more picky eaters than I am

  23. Lol it happens. I picked up a batman animated movie boxset a while back to find out one of the movies had been subbed out with some poxy comedy movie iv never heard of. Thankfully all the other batman movies were there but that one movie does play with my ocd

  24. It means he was prepared to not have anything for the return journey just so he could prove a point that he could go as far or further than anyone else who was supposed to have been better than him. He gave it all he got from the start without thinking about whether he would be able to survive. Basically playing a game of chicken to prove a point that he was every bit as good as someone who was superior to him. The other side didn't exist but in his mind he created one as an incentive to keep going. Thought it was pretty fucking obvious realy. Now go watch the 13th floor. An equally excellent budget Sci fi from the same era

  25. Lol, no. He was swimming to the other shore his brother just didn't realize the other shore was close enough to target as a goal.

  26. It's a movie about genetic superiority. So the metaphor (without sounding like a nerd twat) was always about going beyond your boundaries and not being confined to what others have defined your limitations as. The other side was never an achievable goal but was the object of focus to push beyond your capabilities. I actually used to heavily suck at reading symbolism and metaphor when I was a kid in secondary school English lol. Very similar set of metaphors in the mgs games as well although kojima pretty much spells that shit out as he has no subtlety. Or he has no faith in his audience to get it. The fact that his brother ended up as a basic arse cop but he went on a mission to Mars/Jupiter? (it's been a while) kind of cements the fact that people with the superior genes automatically expected to excell so therefore never realy had to push themselves beyond what they felt they were created to do in the first place

  27. Weren't they bought out by Nemco or some shit like that.

  28. Dunno/don't care. At one point asda were owned by Walmart till they were repurchased by a UK owned business again. As long as they sit on a UK highstreet and are called tescos then tescos still exists

  29. It's not though. Unless it dissappear sometime within the last couple of days. Because I still have tescos branded products that I purchased only a couple of days ago.

  30. I can cuddle with my partner and be close to them sex doesn't define a relationship we can just have fun going on dates, cuddling, watching Netflix, etc. Those are the intimate moments I enjoy intimacy isn't just sex intimacy is me and him spending time together and having feelings towards eachother sex is just the bonus for some people really but we can still be happy even if we never do it

  31. Well you either currently have a partner who is asexual such as yourself (which would be a very uncommon circumstance for the majority) or you have a partner who is currently OK with what you want. That doesn't mean they always will be and could look for the bigger better deal when that opertunity comes along if their own personal needs and wants aren't being fulfilled. Of course the other option is that your partner is just a hypothetical one that your using for the sake of argument and doesn't actually exist in which case you have no real world example of successful relationship to base your argument upon. Either example makes you're argument very unlikely for a successful relationship though as sex as I have said is as much a part of a relationship as any other part for the vast majority of living breathing creatures that are capable of forming them. I can do all your above examples with my partner as well as have sex. What I can't do though is have a successful relationship without sex because that would need an incredibly rare circumstance of 2 people who think and feel that they can do just that. And that's highly unlikely. The world doesn't work the way you want it to just becasue you feel a certain way. Because it's not just you in that relationship

  32. Virtue signalling. Trust me you're not changing the world from the comfort of a keyboard. You just look like a prick after validation

  33. What's the best way to enjoy a sprout? My nan fries them with bacon and that's great but I'm a stupid vegetarian now and bacon is off the menu. I've bought a bag recently but I'm struggling to find tasty ways to deploy them.

  34. Can't beat a bit of spice. Pan fry them in oil of your choice. And just sprinkle spices of your choice over them. Nutmeg goes exceptionally well with any leafy green

  35. Ah very much the marmite of vegetables. I'm partial to a sprout or 10. I'm the only one in this household who likes them. Would rather they be fresh rather than frozen though. I look forward to spring greens as well

  36. None realy hurt as I didn't know them so I'm never going to feel it as hard as their loved ones. Realy does piss me off that I'll never see Alan Rickman on screen again. I would have loved to see him in more comedy roles as he was fantastic as a deadpan comic actor. Carrie Fisher as well purely for her great personality. Although she'll always be an early childhood crush as well

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