1. I didn’t get on with the Beta and thought about cancelling my pre-order. Think it’s because I prefer small maps though like ShipHaus 24/7 and the Gun Blueprint game.

  2. We’ve been doing this since May 2020 and it’ll be complete by November this year! May 2020 - Purchased June 2020 - Downstairs Toilet July 2020 - Master Bedroom En-Suite August 2020 - Master Bedroom September 2020 - Office October-November 2020 - Living Room December 2020 - Spare Room/Dressing Room Jan-March 2021 - Garden, including pub Oct-Nov 2021 - Kitchen/Utility Aug-Sept 2022 - Family Bathroom, Stairs

  3. Like others have said, I’ve got so used to it now that I’ve long forgotten about Lloyds 😄

  4. One way to stop a lot of cash being spent in that area of Leeds. Can’t see it happening as it’ll just decline the area like a lot of other surrounding places.

  5. Yep, it’s probably right. Those student loan payments are a killer - one of my friends recently got promoted to around the same salary and decided to pay it off and take home his earned cash instead and I think it’s more like £75k take home.

  6. But, as someone who is northern, lived in London for 10yrs and moved back.. the lifestyle I had there was 100% better. £500k for a decent house in a good location with lots more jobs, lots of activities, lots of food places, etc. compared to £200k for the same house in the north but less jobs, no burger lobster, no top golf, brunch unheard of in the working mens. Flip side, £2 pints in the north. I’d move back to London in a heartbeat if the wife didn’t want to be located near her parents.

  7. It’s a Type 2, Early Bay Window. Check out the indicator location - on later models they’re to the side of the grill, above the headlights. The tail lights are also different - smaller on the early bays than the later ones. I think 1973 is the changeover year to the later models.

  8. I’ve defo got £70 of play out of it. Even bought the Snoop dlc but hopefully that’s now contributing to MW2 development because whoever did Vanguard is stealing a living 😄

  9. In Management Consulting, the graduate roles pay averages of £30k rising to £39k after 18mo the to 2yrs. It’s actually bullshit that teachers need a degree + teacher training course to teach and are so low paid.. Personally, I’d love to be a teacher but I’m 20yrs into a tech career which has an OTE of £250k. No job fulfilment will make me drop to £50k max as a teacher.

  10. It is what it is, I drive a high-powered, 18mpg car and a 50mpg Campervan. I won’t be driving any of them less just because it might cost an extra £30 to take my family from Yorkshire to Cornwall for the week.. and the one that drinks V-Power I’d still have if fuel was £5/litre because it’s for me and I love driving it.

  11. Maybe you’re just rubbish like me? 😂 I don’t think sim assist helps me at all, still shooting floor and sky 9m hours later

  12. This is it for me too. I got Damascus in MW19, I got Dark Matter in BOCW, and I’m grinding for Atomic in Vanguard.

  13. This - what else is there which you can pick up and play after a relentless day of work and other commitments. It has the hooks which people need to keep you interested and growing at the same time as sometimes being mindless. Despite its quirks, for me other games are full of too much fluff - cut scenes, puzzles, massive worlds, etc. most games today are nothing like the games which gave us a quick escape between dinner and bedtime as a kid.

  14. This has started happening since the update for me. Including when I use an attachment for enemy nameplate range!

  15. I like the stats but like you, I like to also work towards the unlocks I want so KD ratio is massively impacted. I’m currently playing ShipHaus with two guns below Lvl10 and no multipliers to help me get them up quickly. It’s a world of kill scenes and fire. 😂

  16. I was finding this a massive problem in some games yesterday! Sometimes it works great and other times it’s shocking!

  17. Yeah. Personally, I’d like kill shot vids to be skipped when playing the smaller games like Shipment too. Waste of time!

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