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  1. He also gives a speech about about how his destructive behavior is actually helping save society.

  2. The employees are skilled engineers who can easily find a job elsewhere. Good luck running the company with bots.

  3. Lol, right. Nothing of value was lost, and they will be easily replaced.

  4. I'm looking to raise somewhere between $1000 to $5000. Are there investors that can contribute to that end?

  5. Idk about you guys but just the other day I was thinking about how much I lean towards 72, 60, and 92 on my phone.

  6. I showed love to some homeless who looked like they could use some help. They followed me back to apartment without me knowing and later broke in and took everything.

  7. Maybe saying he was going DEFCON 3 on Jews wasn’t the best way to express his displeasure with media control.

  8. Doesn't justify every banking and business Corp all canceling him in a heartbeat.

  9. It’s their money and their choice right? No one complained when he got the money.

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