1. Do you have linked your account to hoyolab app? There you can see how many days your account exists.

  2. Bro you look AMAZING! Such a gorgeous hairy body and fantastic beard! Congrats man! :D

  3. Tighnari (main dps), Yae (sub dps hyperbloom), Xingqui (sub dps + support), Leila (for the shield + dmg)

  4. Raiden in the second half of 3.3 is one of the best damagedealer in the game and should not b emissing in ANY account. Besides that Itto is also a fantastic unit if you can support him with Gorou and a third geo-unit. Also the wanderer seems to be a damagedealer, but that has to remain checked. I would go Raiden.

  5. I got goro c6 while trying to pull for itto and i also have zhongli

  6. I mean if you like Itto playstyle, then by any mean, good luck with your pulls.

  7. Don't stress yourself too much buddy. Having a variation of new and unexplainable feelings before becoing a dad are super normal. Your life is not just about to change permanently when you become a dad but also men can have hormonal readjustments when their partners are pregnant what can result in moodswings are sudden emotions and irrational thoughts.

  8. First of all: Congratulations on becoming a dad!! 👊😎 To your question: Your boy should be able to make that desicion for himself when he is older. I chose to get the cut with 18 out of my own free will (without medical necessity, I just wantedbit). Let him be and don't worry about what others will say. Just talk to him openly when he is old enough about why yours looks different then his and that will be it. I also will have to talk to my boy about that when he is old enough bc he is not cut. Have a great day, mate!

  9. Dude you look AMAZING!! Fantastic furry and beefy body + a gorgeous dick!! 11/10

  10. Dang dude, fantastic masculin bodyhair and nice bulge! ;)

  11. You should never hide your gorgeous body! Such great fur, amazing beard and great dick!

  12. WOOOOW!!! What a mindblowing piece of art!!! You are so talented!!

  13. I don't know why but thos pics made me giggle uncontrolably - thx for that!

  14. Because half of them look like they're just drunk, probably actually drunk too. Kaeya, Venti, Beidou.

  15. I thought the same about Bannett. All the others are having the worst day but for him, just a normal monday.

  16. Not worth it, no. I just make them to complete them for autocook...

  17. Bro your choice. I will enjoy your looks either way! What a pure masculin body! 🤘😎

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