1. Jajaja te juro. Es que osea no entiendo, uno apuesta en pesos y al pedo

  2. primero que todo, sabes como funcionan las opciones?

  3. Si jaja pero yo pienso q los precios estan en pesos pero alguna sujetas al dolar entonces por más q la acción baje si se devalúa igual en pesos subiria.

  4. Can you trade for me? I keep on loosing and I really need to get money back, not even making money, recovering lol

  5. What does it mean? What is coming next according to these wrong predictions?

  6. Are these good news? Per what I red, revenue fell short of estimates

  7. That source doesn’t seem to be enough. Is it your thought or do you really have some kind of information?

  8. Very interesting interview. Not only gtii stock owners should see this. When was it filmed?

  9. Mm but I think if something big is coming and they bought shares, it can be seen as illegal

  10. GTII leadership buying lots of stock. Seems like something big is happening\about to happen.

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