1. These are one my Favs. Such great short smokes. Just had that as a pre-dinner smoke

  2. Was in store at A La Civette in Paris.

  3. I just ordered my first solo. Looking forward to it

  4. Mine loves yogurt. The crack of a banana and the dood is off the sofa waiting for his bite.

  5. Ok this is a very picky thing and granted I'm new to the sub but I'm gonna say it anyway...

  6. Of all the things, thats what bothers you in this photo. Not the white paper on the floor next to the drawers? 🤣

  7. Huawei phones are cheap and amazing. I had one until last year as i lived in Europe until last year. Wife had one as well. If her screen broke she'd just visit a Huawei store at the mall and they'd fix it for very little. I dropped mine at many times, didn't matter. That's why you won't see them in the USA, American companies can't compete against that.

  8. What are you doing to your phone? A simple screen protector and care. In 14 years of smartphones I’ve never cracked a single screen. 😂

  9. aren't I the peasant only using one meater at a time. Looks amazing btw.

  10. I get a little paranoid on pork and chicken. 😅

  11. Keep copies of all receipts. American Airlines paid up when they left our luggage behind for 3 days

  12. I ended up just using the Amazon replacement buds on the pro 2s. didn’t want to take the risk of the of another allergic reaction

  13. More debt required! Bring this economy to its knees already!

  14. Is the rear bar on tailgate blacked out. I had mine wrapped on my 2021 prestige w black optics. I had to replace all badges too

  15. Nice! Still not sure what's better spatch or beer can both are great

  16. Both. Big fan of the kicken chicken Weber rub

  17. Except there is an adderal shortage

  18. Yeah, no. Not a fan… but you do you!

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