1. If Hunter Biden was a Republican, you wouldn't know who he was.

  2. Would you please just let the closet Hom.. I mean, "Republicans" see his penis? You're being a prude.

  3. No but seriously, this line of logic has honesty lead to opening of some minds. There be simps.

  4. What kind of Marjorie Taylor Idiot fucks fitness trainers? "We are our husband's wives" Always did sound a bit suspicious.

  5. Exactly why every time I get a list I do everything except the last item on the list. Doesn’t matter if it’s 12 items or 3 items long. Knock the list out and your next list is longer.

  6. It does seem that Lindsey has probably been in a huff about not being able to see a penis at least once in his life.

  7. An amazing comic. Came in here to say 'The Catwoman origin story we deserve', but Gotham by Gaslight hit me like a freight train.

  8. So Baptists believe that non-Baptists are going to hell, and Pentecostals believe that non-Pentecostals are going to hell. JWs too. It's almost like they're all false and designed to pull as much money and control from believers as possible...

  9. I've met 'All are welcome' & 'My denomination reigns Supreme' Christians of at least a few different brands. Same with anti/pro Christmas or Halloween folks.

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