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  1. Friends, it took like 4 episodes for me to hate Ross so much I couldn't watch anymore

  2. Titles are just that unless it says principal or senior principal behind it or something similar.

  3. Taking this employee on is a completely separate, non-related workload. Opposed to delegating work out to him, I’ll be taking more work on to provide him with the support/over site needed.

  4. Maybe it's their way of getting you involved with a broader scope of your company's facets. Which is vue on itself.

  5. I liked he who fights with monsters quite a bit for the first 3 books, but I got a bit sick of the main character being something of a Mary Sue and constantly going on philosophical rants. I stopped reading around book 6 or 7 because of that

  6. He is a bit full of himself and a bit of a drama queen, but the trauma he's been through makes it easier to overlook

  7. Fill it up to like 10-20 psig and see if it leaks with some soapy water. If it doesn't then you are probably in good shape.

  8. There is no regulator? Turn it on and see if there is a leak. I would probably just run it without worrying about it if it were me so long as there isn't an actual puncture

  9. I would try and have a seance or do a ritual of summoning to bring back the dead to see if anyone comes out to say hi

  10. Where were the imports from? Depending on the chemical and where it's from they have higher lab standards than the us.

  11. I've been waiting for a video like this. F around and find out. These dumb clout videos are super annoying

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