1. But if Genshin wins Player’s Voice, they’ll finally release playable Signora.

  2. Ask your uncle if they are hiring, I’m tired of corporate life and working at a circus in Shanghai sounds cooler than logistical analysis specialist and planner.

  3. Nah let him stay at 87 I always keep my characters at that

  4. You….you realize that’s the weapon right?

  5. I mean it’s not the worst roll. Her skill scales off of EM and Atk and it’s still at 22 (rounded) CV. Sure EM is better but you still want her to be around 2k attack and this will make that easier lol

  6. My wife of when she’s falling in a dream lol

  7. They’re jumping to conclusions and judging something/someone when they don’t have the facts. I have a shit ton of best in slot artifacts and they presume they know best. It’s triggering and stupid for them/you to judge

  8. That’s not what coping means at all... If that’s what people using it are intending then I see your point and agree.

  9. I can’t say that’s what they meant exactly but that’s the general use of the word in the GI community. Coping and Hoping for the insanely good stat roll on a main stat you don’t need to be useful someday aka Copium.

  10. I’m just gonna trade remembrance between them, you’ll likely never have them in the same team anyway unless you’re just memeing.

  11. I don't think Scaramouche breathes

  12. Technically the playable version of Ei (Shogun) doesn’t either.

  13. Unordinary is unironically one of the best webtoon/manga I’ve read in the last few years. I give Uru-chan props for sticking with it despite being worried.

  14. C6 R5 Widsith 70k-90k solo with 75:202 10/13/13.

  15. The 2nd Gen PS5 is gonna have a Genshin edition with a code that gets you a traveler skin, another glider, and an overtuned (for it’s time) 4 star weapon.

  16. It's kinda funny how dumb people like you exist. Mate, if you have no clue how a proxy server or internet traffic works then stfu. Even in live servers 3d migoto keeps the mod files seperate and they inject them over like a mask over the main character models. I have been using over 20 mods in live genshin serverfor over a YEAR and still nothing. Keep sucking hoyo's dick retard, that's all that you are good for.

  17. My guy, get your social interaction from someone else. I’m not trying to debate with you, my opinion is that it isn’t worth it, and there is nothing you could say that will change that. - Otaku11510 23 DAYS ago.

  18. I started over from launch on PC at 1.3k hours. Not doing that again lol.

  19. I mean…as far as Nintendo is concerned their target audience is children. Everyone knows that’s not the case, even Nintendo, but games aimed at children get a pass for low quality.

  20. Trenbolone? Tramadol is a pain killer

  21. Can’t get the armor without killing the monster so no, you have to have the dlc, sorry.

  22. Yeah but you can clear all of that out so…while yes…also kind of not quite lol

  23. Well, I just hope we get a burning zone for Natlan or something like that from the Pyro archon... I think entertaining teams would be made to combat it 🤔

  24. If it’s just an aura (Inazuma or Dragonspine) that hurts the player, people would just use Kuki, Kokomi, or Barbara to traverse it.

  25. Finish the main story (at least in the desert). Then start the quest “Golden Slumber”.

  26. I can't even play genshin without burning my hands, my other option is my laptop and it burnsmy laps

  27. I have a solution, you may not like it, but I play Genshin while at work when I have down time.

  28. It wasn’t worth trying after the second roll…why keep going? Lol

  29. ... ok ima take this serious and not bully you, you have two options kaeya main dps or heizou main dps if kaeya go kaeya Lisa sucrose and a healer if heizou barbara lisa and Xiang

  30. You have no right to bully anyone anyway lol

  31. You unlock it after going to Elgado. You’ll talk to master Arlo and then do an introductory quest with Utsushi.

  32. Ok ok .I have started 3star quest and maybe I m still in tutorial zone..thanks man

  33. If it’s part of the main story or an archon quest I do. My main issue is Paimon, when she starts repeating everything that someone just said I immediately lose interest. I despise handholding the player in games. If she just added to the dialogue I could deal with it.

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