1. Ha! Yeah it's a farang kimchi for sure. But with lot's of garlic, green onions and bok choy, 2 kinds of fresh peppers and a Thai chili powder it will def make myround eyes water!

  2. Litterly 1000s of types of kimchi. Never tried it with bok choy but sounds and looks delicious!

  3. If you want to call your cooking "processed" you can but most would lable this "home cooking" 😉

  4. Was the thyme over powering? Thats quite a bit for a SV.

  5. Yep and it looked almost parcooked. The color is so off. Premium cuts for premimum price. 🤣

  6. Sounds like they are paying to recurit by giving to the school. Nothing wrong with that. There are a great many employers that recruit from institutions all the time.

  7. Im sure they are not hardened the same way that some knifes are to allow for a little bend/give. I grabbed a cheep oyster knife which points in different directions everytime i use it! Lol. But i get very little use out of it at home here in the desert.

  8. Had mine a week and it has dent in the top from using the Rover IH already. Still clicks away so not worried yet.

  9. I just got a brand new M + rover in a kit. The cap has about 3-4 sec between clicks and i have been going past about 2 sec past the final click. Sounds like you got a lucky cap.... lol

  10. My first thought. Thats like doing all cream, pepper, and cognac and skipping the steak 😁

  11. Yes Dynavap, It's great as long as you "Respect the click." I use a VonG/Wand combo that does the trick. And when I get tired, I reach for my sticky brick. Butane vapes are one way to fly Try one out they'll get you high, and the price won't make you cry Now I'll end this silly rhyme with goodbye sigh.

  12. No question. Just letting ppl know about this wonderful little device.

  13. Yeah I might have to give it a shot out of some glass. Gonna have to find an attachment.

  14. Just buy a fat mouth piece for like $2 and try in bong/bubbler/rig. The induction heaters make a difference when trying to get that perfect temp dialed in for consistant hits. Also you end up with the ABV which you can use in edibles and such.

  15. I would say a general rule is that you get what you pay for in AZ. Most will say to grow your own. Look for BOGOs and try a few different companies out. In no specific order: Grow Sciences, Alien labs/Connected, Tru Med, Sonoran Roots.

  16. Not sous vide but slice into thin steaks and marinade with a spicy korean dagi gogi recipe them grill over hot coals. 🥰

  17. Not as much a recipe as technique advice. The most important steps when I make risotto are toasting the rice, adding stock to the mixture at a very consistent rate (almost like you’re emulsifying stock into the pan) and tasting constantly. A little hack I’ve used in larger batches is a very small amount of mascarpone or cream cheese to really drive home the creamy look to the dish - however if you constantly stir your risotto + properly emulsify cheese + butter at the end, absolutely no need for anything else to achieve that super creamy result

  18. Buy a sous vide immersion cooker. Its an easy way to get great results with little effort and not a ton of experence.

  19. A big toppings bar! Various cheese, sour cream, green onion, diced onion, tomatos, olives.... go nuts. Maybe even some artisan crackers or fresh baked sourdoug.

  20. You can over come this by just wisking like mad and slowly streaming in the stock/sauce so you dont get lumps and chunks. Not sure what country/reigon your in but for the most part here the standard sauce tomato recipes are thickend by pureeing the tomatos then reducing or visa versa. Using roux would be very uncommon in most of the US and would probably have a different name here.

  21. Either he’s fucking with you, or someone fucked with him.

  22. Thats like the head mechanic telling the new guy to go pick up some muffler bearings from the parts store. 🤣

  23. Looks great. I would eat the hell out of that plate... the food too! 😆

  24. i rolled the dice and threw it back on at 134 for another 2+ hours before giving it a high heat sear. I’m happy to report that I’m not sick lol

  25. If your really worried. Dunk it into 165F bath for like 30 sec.

  26. Anova makes this, so there's probably something to it.

  27. Yep. Fantastic device by Anova. Not sure if that LG is any good or not but the Anova precision oven is pretty accurate for sous vide temps and will still convection cook at 500F.

  28. It is a prefrence to sear before or after for the most part. I prefer after personaly.

  29. As in he stole someone else's picture.... and im still enjoying the sweet stash, and i get down voted.... lmao. Fuck you all. Still a sweet stash 😆

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