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  1. It's described so much grittier which is why it spawned cyberpunk, this looks very clean and that's interesting

  2. Guns and Control by Guy Smith. Its like 15 bucks on amazon

  3. Ah that book can indoctrinate me to not believe in basic statistics? Cool. I think I'll pass

  4. I’m sorry but how does someone not know that’s inappropriate!?!?! I’m super liberal and open about everything but I would NEVER EVER say that to my in laws and we’re MARRIED. And like. Have kids so they KNOW haha! Talk about kids and trying to have kids, yes, but P in V???? No. Not explicitly. And not when first meeting them???

  5. Because it's a joke . Yeah it's terrible and tasteless but that makes it even more important to answer warmly. Wtf is all this "punishing" over making a bad joke? Have you guys actually ever sacrificed yourself to make a relationship work, to make others feel welcome? So unnecessary.

  6. I think it’s less about the joke itself and more about the thought process behind it (or lack thereof). Especially after a year of dating, there’s a level of love and care for your partner and you want to impress their family and friends. This shows how little she cares to be honest.

  7. I don't agree. She was probably very nervous. There is no show at any point that she doesn't care, it's only a failed joke. I tend to judge people for their actions. If they happen to do a bad joke, I just won't punish them, discard them, be toxic to them, because I wouldn't want to be punished for saying something stupid myself. It's not offensive or evil, it's just cringe. Just an incredible overreaction

  8. Uh yes it's wrong but not for the reason you think. You grossly misunderstand how powerful a decentralised anonymous mass grassroots movement is. It's like look, these kids did better than you. Yeah. Nobody can reach close to the investigating and calculating power of a mob. Even given bad information they will prevail over any government or regulation

  9. Publishers have funded dev studios historically. What do you think “publish” means in this context? Submitting to steam?

  10. Nope, you're not dependent on the publisher. You don't understand how these things work

  11. Please explain how things work then. Enlighten me.

  12. It's not rocket science. Publishers publish games. Studios make games. Investors invest in projects. At no point even on contract are any element not indie just because they go into contracts. That would mean that exactly zero games are indie games.

  13. Start with children's toys and try to make them do things they shouldn't. Then move on to phone pranks where you try to roleplay someone in their life and see how long you can keep them on the line

  14. I thought you owned the stock multi times over? Only 25% doesn't seem much.

  15. Haha yes let me just compare it to the previous records of grassroots movement proven ownership that exist ever in the world

  16. Only the CEO of MySpace sold it for 60 million dollars way back then and went on to do his other stuff. He didn't buy it for millions and instantly wreck it and then sat whining about it.

  17. so I'm a vendor for little debbie. I'm under contract to sell their cakes and have been doing it for almost two years. A couple of things to note

  18. Nope, corps have gotten too greedy and use shady synthetic ingredients because it's cheap. These things come and go. It's their time to go (greed took them down) and the winner will be the one that dares to use better ingredients

  19. I am just suddenly pretty scared that I don't understand if you are chat gpt or just eloquent. And that just makes me wtf as that's the literal advent of the true misinformation age. Scary stuff

  20. When, at what point do you realise she is ironic?

  21. No, it makes me insane with a feeling like some chat bot wants to gaslight me into wasting attention for revenue

  22. Wrong war buddy. The movie also doesn’t make anyone look like the “good guys” and that’s kind of the whole point. WW1 had no real good or bad guys, it was a bunch of poor young people dying due to the failures of the world that preceded it.

  23. There is. Why do we do double standards like this? You can't attack stretchers

  24. Even what he described sounds incredibly unattractive. That's a problem

  25. So basically infinite tick rate?

  26. Nah, essentially variable tick rate, depending to your connection. Many games work like this already

  27. Uh what? Its already based on this and many other paradigms. Basically only old source games use ticks

  28. Pre-canned destruction. Not dynamic mesh slicing like shown here. Processing meshes at runtime is expensive.

  29. Christ, I was making a point about how useless of a fyi that is on any pattern or architecture ever, that it depends on the use case. What piece of any code ever does not depend on the use case? Do you expect like a medal or something for mentioning to the ignorant masses that this depends on the use case, like literally any other thing that anyone ever wrote starting with students making their first program? It's just triggering for me to listen to this kind of word poop around software, wow so you really mean that it depends on the use case? Dang, what you want to happen decides what you write, that's so dope and eye opening

  30. Christ, I was making a point about how useless and idiotic your comment was.

  31. I honestly just feel bad, didn't mean to insult. Especially a child. Sorry

  32. Bots and psy ops posting these things are meant to invite anger and divide. It's working too. But here we see it glitch out.

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