Big Numbers: Leaked Arechegos Basket Swaps summarized from November 2020 - March 2021

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  1. I THINK I FINALLY FOUND THE ANSWER.. at least to the constant Game Booster notification when a game is open.

  2. This is the way, it's called "Appear on top" now instead of "draw over other apps"

  3. Hopefully this means I can finally get some GameStop merch in the UK :D

  4. Hey, looking into some new speakers. The ones i have rn are some crappy logitechs that go fuzzy if you turn them too loud. How loud are the ones youve got? And do i need any other gear to use them? Dont need an amp or any other stuff? Just plug and use?

  5. I'm still using them and they're still great! You don't need an amp as they are powered speakers, literally just plug them into the mains, connect to your PC and you're good to go.

  6. I don't know why but I'm getting a 90s sci-fi vibe looking at this

  7. I'd pull all the hard drives and check for BTC wallets, you never know what's sitting on them. You can buy a dock that lets you connect multiple hard drives like plugging in USB sticks so you can view them all on your current PC. There's more than likely nothing on them but you never know!

  8. The market smack in the middle of town. Check out the cooked food stalls at the other side while you're there as well although I'm sure the smell will draw you in anyway haha

  9. I see you've played porty spoony before!

  10. As a Brit, cunt is part of my daily vocabulary

  11. 1331 is kind of tucked away and has a decent outside seating area with heat lamps where you can smoke/vape and play your own music if you connect to the Bluetooth speakers

  12. The Dormouse, can ride down the river track then cut up to the pub.

  13. Thanks for this, gonna have a look on Google maps now

  14. If you're looking for somewhere a little more intimate in the gardens, there's a path that leads down the far side of the museum building that leads to a little gate that takes you into a separate little garden that's behind the art gallery, it has all different types of edible plants growing and is usually very quiet because not many people know about it.

  15. I love the edible garden! We had a walk around Museum Gardens a couple of Saturdays ago which were busy but the edible garden was still so quiet and peaceful.

  16. Yeah it's great! I'm not a people person so it's the perfect spot to get away from the crowds

  17. When I read that the transfer would take 6 weeks and it would cost me €100, I bought the shares direct at IBKR and sold them at DEGIRO

  18. I was thinking about doing that actually, although I just don't have the money available at the moment to buy the same amount of shares again. Also from what I read the cost was €50 so I might have to look back into that

  19. Tbh most of the time from customers it's something like "thank you for giving us a taste of home" that's usually US peeps because I'm Five Guys UK. But sometimes we get some sick drawings, lots of Simpsons, like "Damn Five Guys, you steam a good ham" or lots of Cup Head and Ghibli drawings. I'm amazed what people can do with a few crayons. I just put them in my burgers...

  20. How cool! I run an Airbnb and am always amazed at the drawing folks leave in our guestbook, just with a pen or pencil!

  21. Pen drawings still baffle me! I can barely write my name, then there's these crazy artists doing photo real shading with them 🤯

  22. I remember reading a while ago about why girls/women scream (for example on a rollercoaster) so it might not be quite the same thing... but researchers suggested it could be an old trait from our early years before we evolved (similar to chimpanzees) the females would screech to alert others of something dangerous coming or when they're excited.

  23. Or games that let you change the graphics settings before throwing you into the beginning of the game. I really don't want to watch the intro and do the tutorial in 1024x768 on my 4k screen.

  24. This probably a long shot but what are the odds a repair place would have parts on hand?

  25. I've changed a few laptop screens and it's really not that difficult, you pop the bezel off around the screen, undo screws holding it to the back, remove the cable for the screen then pop a new one in then screw it back up and clip the bezel back on. Just need to find the right screen for your model and you can find loads of guides on YouTube if you want to watch someone do it first.

  26. As you open your eyes, RC begins speaking “it’s time to destroy the citadel, what’s your plan of action?”

  27. "Wake up ape, we've got a Citadel to burn"

  28. Upper River is one that flies under the radar and looks like a dated Chinese takeaway, but the food is great, it's authentic Hong Kong food. It was cash only last time I visited

  29. Can’t recommend Phranakhon’s enough. It’s Thai tapas and it’s absolutely delicious.

  30. Easily the best food I've had in York. The Massaman Gai is heaven

  31. Super Flower are one of the best PSU companies, they even make PSUs for other companies to rebrand.

  32. Well I will not refuse some fava beans and a nice Chianti while having Ken over for dinner.

  33. Fun fact, those foods (liver, fava beans and wine) interact badly with MAOI antidepressants which are also used to treat personality disorders. So when Dr Lecter says he ate a man's liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti, he's basically saying he isn't taking his medication.

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