What is the most important lesson learnt from Covid-19?

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what are some fucked up animal facts?

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  1. When I was around 14 I worked locally at Nassau Coliseum selling cotton candy for Ringling Bros. In between shows one of the trapeze girls came out to practice some moves. She was about 15 feet up and literally hanging on by her heel area and nothing else when she fell. The arena was empty except for a handful of people. I will never forget the sound of her meeting the ground. She didn’t die on the spot but might as well have. I don’t she ever woke up. She passed on the next dayI believe.

  2. I’m not a doctor but I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night and I can concur, this is pathetic!!

  3. Surrender that ice-cream cone, or every waking moment for you will become a swirling torrent of pain and misery!

  4. Thank you Frank!! I get that all the time when people see the photos. They almost always think that it's a real car and that is exactly what my goal was with this one

  5. Goal accomplished. Love the rust lines where the trim was, so realistic. Again, amazing work

  6. I feel for everyone that’s on the forum. I have also been on subs on and off for years , and I am currently thinking about tapering. Right now I have so much going on I think I need to stay on it since it’s keeping me sober along with my will to move forward in life and stay clean. I just need something that helps with my body pain and I have teeth that need to be removed by an oral surgeon as well so while I’m getting all of this taken care of I think I need to stay where I’m at which is one strip daily. It’s nice to find a correct dose that keeps my pain at bay but I never had a real issue with heroin or crazy pain medication , just because the doctors here wouldn’t allow it , and I’m thankful for that now looking back. I guess it’s all about what each person is going through and how there daily life is. I’ve been through a lot , and I know I’m not the only one that has, and that’s okay now that I know I have god in my life and I am understanding where he comes from. It took alot but I’m so grateful for it . I also take an antidepressant and it has helped me in the past. I just feel like I’m back and forth on wanting to taper and wanting to stay where I’m at for the time being since I feel like it’s working for me for now . Things just take time and baby steps. There’s nothing wrong with doing what’s best for yourself at that point in life. I’ll just keep praying and staying focused on my health and working towards some simple goals that I know are attainable. Anyway, that’s my 2 cents . Thanks

  7. Thank for the 2 cents. I am really appreciating all the feedback. I know I’m not alone but there are days I feel that way and I feel like there’s something wrong all the time. It’s good to know I’m not alone

  8. How are you doing buddy? Just wanted to check in and see how you’ve progressed ? Give me a shout whenever ,I’m open to talk anytime friend

  9. Appreciate the offer, I really do. It helps to know other people struggle with these issues too. I’m actually doing a bit better. I started my meds, only 10 mgs of prozac but IDK if it’s placebo or real effect but I like to believe it’s helping a little bit. Maybe to early to tell fully but thanks for reaching out and the offer.

  10. Gonna go with real Marines wouldn’t be caught doing this shit let alone post it proudly

  11. That there are people out there that are oblivious to the science and physics that surround the universe

  12. Why nature hasn’t evolved us out of murder, rape and violence towards each other particularly women and children

  13. Biologist here - there generally is no reason for "nature" to evolve out that behaviour because it's generally not getting in the way of population level fitness. In fact horrible behaviour can increase individual fitness. (Evolutionary fitness simply means that one has offspring that survive to reproduce themselves for their genes to continue spreading.) Just looking at what happens in nature outside human society, murder of others of one's species and especially young and SA like behaviour are quite common. It does not impede fitness enough for many species to be detrimental and can even make one more succesfull at reproducing (for example, multiple species engage in infanticide for various reasons). Nature is cruel and uncaring, in the wild only survival and reprodiction rates of each genotype matter. Even detrimental features can survive if they are linked to other features or are balanced out by something else (like the cumbersome feather ornaments of many fancy male birds. It tends to get them killed since movement is restricted, but as long as they survive just long enough to have babies, the trait is passed on, which they usually manage because the females prefer big fancy ornaments over males with less decor and longer lifespans). Similar trade offs have also been observed between violent and passive or kind behaviour in many animals, often in the form of different breeding strategies within the same species. (Females may prefer one type, so other type compensates with violence. Or other examples, like aggressive individuals playing king of the hill while more peaceful or smaller individuals simply do their thing behind their backs etc.)

  14. Thanks for the extremely informative response.I am not a biologist or a scientist of any sort. I am aware that nature and the evolution of populations, animal and human are all dependent on reproduction for the survival of said population. I understand that means survival of the fittest at all costs. I meant my response more in the vein of a rhetorical why the hell are these terrible traits of ours still going on? Why have we not evolved? I’m sure poverty and the nurturing of children or more specifically the lack thereof are at the top of the list. Sadly, this is a deep and varied subject and very subjective. There unfortunately is no clear answer or timeline to ending these traits and behaviors.

  15. After waking up sick and scamming for loot, then finding dope, avoiding cops and assorted lunatics in the worst part of town you think a fkn blue light is stopping a dope fiend from getting a vein? 😂

  16. Instant Karmas gonna get you, it’s gonna knock right on your fkn hands !!

  17. Here’s one, my dog doesn’t give a shit if I’m relaxing, when he’s got to go, I’ve got to get up. Fact!

  18. My daughter works fast food and so help me god I would hunt this piece of shit till my dying day and get fkn medieval like Mr Wallace on this motherfucker!!

  19. My father in law beating the shit out of the silverware drawer to find a spoon for his third dessert of the night

  20. Both my daughter and son swallowed items( the thing that dings a bell , a dime another time and my son, a lego man head) ). I had to dig through their waste to make sure they had all passed through.

  21. Say, We’ve gathered here today to let you all know I’ve wasted many a good load on you all and I’d like to hear some constructive ways to pay me back dammit!!

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