1. Im in the road often for work, and whenever I get drowsy, I always pull over to take a quick nap. I've gotten so use to napping in my car it actually feels comfy lol.

  2. There are a few reasons for this depending on the details of the situation.

  3. I am not saying that they wouldn't run out missiles, but that the world either doesn't have enough aircraft to do that, or doesn't have the logistics to move that many to the front and get them all flying.

  4. I read it best the other day. China has a ton of languages that the CCP pretends are just different Chinese dialects, while the Balkans has a bunch of dialects pretending to be different languages.

  5. Naw dude it's definitely just about license plates /s 🙄

  6. 7 years ago 50% of people voted to leave.

  7. There was a study few years ago, estimating that by 2020 (4 years after the Brexit vote), enough older voters would have died of old age and enough young people would have reached voting age that by the time Brexit happened, there would be more remainers in the UK than leavers:

  8. The narrative when Russia took this territory was that it’s just a few worthless fields, and the fact that Ukrainian forces were holding in Bakhmut was far more important. Now it’s suddenly a massive big deal when Ukrainian forces retake it.

  9. Lol, you expect anyone on this sub to be able to back up their bullshit?

  10. Things work differently for monkeys higher in the hierarchy. It's well-established in anthropology that humans of higher social status are permitted to violate the rules of the culture, with their relative height in their respective hierarchies reflecting the transgressions they can get away with.

  11. Very interesting, thanks for the info and source

  12. Sorry, but in general, this is just not true. In terms of dating, the thirties are your prime.

  13. i don't think you understood the point of this post lol

  14. Yes, I understood, the Luigi method, doesn't work anymore. Then I commented that, because the Luigi method doesn't work anymore, a low-effort way to win this map is to ust buy infantry and Artillery every turn and then spam that 2-square section with cannon-fodder infantry

  15. We shouldn't put a stop to it by criminalising it. We should put a stop to it by ensuring those who don't want to get into sex work don't have to and have other choices for their lives.

  16. Agreed. Also, "awkwardness" is mostly subjective, and often, in potentially awkward situations, people look at you to to see if you feel the "awkwardness", but if you're at ease with whatever situation, they go along with it, and it's not awkward.

  17. For me at least the cheapest quotes are always from Admiral subsidiaries, and are all very similar. This includes Admiral (obviously), Bell, Elephant, Ford Insure etc. So I don’t think it is collusion, they’re just the same company with a different logo

  18. No, they don't want to share rates because it's their intellectual property essentially and it takes time to get it. You don't want your competitors working out why you can produce a cheaper price.

  19. I'll also give my view (which might be of course non-realistic), as I'm obviously curious: Washington DC wins in scenario 2, but the Romans have a chance in scenario 1, in both cases, there's havoc/chaos, and there'd be no stomp, for the following reasons:

  20. That's a curious way to phrase the title like that, for karma whoring.

  21. Hi, sorry I don't have an answer, but a question:

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