1. Awww something good must have happened to him 🦉🦉

  2. This is really adorable 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  3. I loved Wolf Children and BELLE 💕💕

  4. And don't forget about Waltz Katzen Blut

  5. 'May all your bacon burn' 🔥

  6. Aww I'll take the flower! how about we escape together? 💕

  7. It's a fun little adventure and personally It's one of my favorite ghibli films but I think it should have been a bit longer 😊

  8. Yes! But the problem is that I wouldn't want neither to lose 😅

  9. Good question, I guess we have to wait but the good thing BELLE is on Netflix

  10. You're right, sorry for the confusion 😅

  11. She looks like an angel! 😊

  12. Too many! I guess they hadn't even known about Katakana writing then either

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