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  1. you absolutely can cast both doomsday in your ignite with a level 7 cd gem. just don't ignite right after casting the first one and instead do it right before it hits the ground... timing is tight but you get consistent if you figure it out

  2. you are right you can but double dd is easier to a lot easier to do with level 8 or 9 in a real scenario

  3. Exactly my thoughts lol. Spirit absorbtion - decline. Enhanced weapon 3 - decline. Los 12 - decline. 40 quality neck - decline. Mass increase on non wd/sf - decline. Berserker - decline. Reaper - decline. Summoner - decline. Lvl7 gem di sh - decline. Scouter - decline. Pistoleer - no chance buddy. Any form of piano swiftness reflux/tth/firepower/emperor - decline. All this ofc just for brel g5g6, there's no need of hard gatekeeping in previous content.

  4. how do I recognize the 1 minute(?) pattern in gate 2 kakkul that lets u skip maze? I've seen videos but its confusing

  5. Meanwhile I’ll take a reflux in party finder every time over igniter because reflux players are consistently decent. As compared to the three out of thirty good igniters I’ve seen.

  6. reflux is much easier to play so they better be decent at least

  7. If ur dps is low u get a stack every 5-10sec. If you have 5 of those you get feared and he takes you with him for around 30sec if I remember correctly. Really weird mech, only saw it once. If u scared try just equipping purify rune on one of the low cd skills, that rune removes the stacks

  8. Well ive ran into the low dmg problem because of too much damage. When you have to wait around 2 min for sid he mostly does the dark thing. Keep in mind purify gets rid of bleed or dark stacka, just one, not both. So try to dodge bleeds to get dark off with it

  9. I played with spec bard once and they were playing it like it was swift except its shittier

  10. While I agree with you to a degree, I think the design of mmos as a whole is the problem, not LA itself.

  11. do I ts orbs from gate 2? if so then is there something I should be really careful about

  12. I have a 1520 reaper. I play with my friends most of the time and don't pug so I always get experience new content and play with various different dps players in my party to test out my own dps. I'm like 1750+ spec lunar reaper and I can confidently tell you that the class absolutely blows balls sacks on an alt in terms of damage. It's fun as fuck but the effectiveness as a class is so piss poor that it just isn't competitive as an alt. You need to be pushing your spec/bracelet/level 9+ gems/level 5 tripods in order to compete. Anything less and it's just blown out of the water by any other "mid-tier" dps class.

  13. Even tho he’s connected to the entity lore more than most of the characters 🫠

  14. I remember I saw something like this and the person made the required Ilvl to join their lobby i9001 lol

  15. Yeah I run boss rush for weekly but I still have 20 tickets lying around on some characters and that number is only getting larger. Having an x3 option would be perfekt so that number can stop growing without requiring me to spent too much time doing boss rush.

  16. the skin itself is nice if it was a skin you could buy from the shop but as a mage in-game armor its just meh and it’s basically another boring dress skin

  17. You can start on the boss but you can't finish until the other party finish staggering their orb.

  18. Yes if people miss the counters, it will cause party wipe.

  19. do people usually assign roles for it or does anyone can counter during the stagger

  20. I still didn’t meet a single player who is using ciri or geralt skins 😭 I feel kinda lonely

  21. thats literally nothing when it comes to the quality upgrade

  22. i remember them saying u could add the witcher scars but nooe couldn’t find it

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