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  1. A lot of my colleagues, blaming elementary school children for not having healthy breakfast and homework.

  2. I’ve always had issues with jealousy but I kept it to myself or seldom expressed it.

  3. OH MY GOD NO FR IVE JUST STARTED SAYIJG “well you didn’t put a divider so.” i hate customers so much.

  4. I haven’t even been working here that long and I’ve already started resorting to saying stuff like that.

  5. Ageism. Because not only is ageism acceptable, but people hate older women more.

  6. That’s the part that makes me so sad as a young woman. I dread the idea of one day being treated like that

  7. Cool. how bout we go back to my place and check out the soundproof recording studio I built in my basement instead then?

  8. I think i had more PTSD like symptoms in the beginning. Now i can recollect details but i don't get flashbacks per se. But i have this emotional numbness and anger and perhaps this fucking haze in my brain. It's like i have been alienated from everything. I can't work. I can't write as efficiently as i did before. I only want to escape. I was on a walk yesterday and i began thinking of walking till i just reached somewhere where no one knew me.

  9. Yeah my cognitive functioning has declined significantly since the incident. I hate feeling so dumb.

  10. I think I live, breathe and exist in fantasy right now. Idk. And I sleep the days away. I’m so pissed all the time. I think I’m so angry that I don’t even feel anger anymore.

  11. I have the most ugly thoughts that make me question who I am as a person. It’s awful

  12. At least they don't make us call them "guests", like the poor souls trapped working at Kroger. I certainly wouldn't have invited them

  13. Be more flexible and willing to compromise on things related to the bedroom

  14. Caring what people think about you. Being jealous of other people and comparing yourself to them (wish i learned this sooner) trying to impress others. Racking up lots of debt on expensive things you don't need. Getting drunk every weekend. Reckless driving.

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