1. Sandwich bar, with folks able to construct their own. Turkey mayo, add a layer of chips, and/or go full Scooby Doo multi-layered status - whatever the weed needs :)

  2. 'If there are a few Nazis in a parade, it's a Nazi Parade.'

  3. Especially with zero evidence that anyone ever asked them to leave. It's not as if they were mixed in or off to the side - they literally marched with a Nazi banner past the WW2 memorial. It's one of the most Nazi things to happen in Salem in recent years, and that is saying a lot.

  4. According to a Willamette professor that was there, the neo-Nazis were "handing out fliers for a pro-Nazi film arguing that "the wrong side won WWII.""

  5. I have owned it for years and love the concept of 'layered dosing' that the author promotes.

  6. I hope he is held accountable, but I won't hold my breath. The system is corrupt, and "George Santos" is a product of it.

  7. His solution is to sell the U.S. and Ukraine to Russia and keep the money.

  8. Selective enforcement at the whims of Elon is basically the new policy.

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