1. Cats are awful it deserved to be kicked (No animal deserves to be abused no matter how awful cats are)

  2. A T-Shirt?!?! Oh heavens no - why not a mug or frame it like on the show. Maybe sneak it onto his screensaver on his phone.

  3. The same way they are dealing with the other main characters - either writing them out or replacing them.

  4. You poor soul.. NEVER listen to a word your dad tells you. He is toxic, narrow minded, and seemingly too wrapped up in his own bigotry to understand manners. Get out as soon as you can and never look back -

  5. $200K household income is in the top 5% of family incomes.

  6. Research the area, call the biggest agents in that area, ask the homeowners who typically works the area and call them directly Email my realtor crm Targeted facebook ads Talking / texting other agents i know personally Posting the listing everywhere I can .. oh and MLS

  7. I have had to resubscribe three times and it still does not work properly on AppleTV

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