My dad (75yo) won his age category in the Pgh 10 miler today

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  1. Only a few years of unscrupulous business dealings allowed Sam to amass fortune. Bill engaged in unethical business tactics for more than 30 years. He therefore had much more to offer to try to come off as a kind guy.

  2. I believe I never really comprehended what was going on because I was quite young when this was shown on TV.

  3. Someone finally takes the joke too seriously and acts as though you are sipping the kool-aid after it first began as a joke.

  4. You appear to have struck the perfect balance between upsetting those who believe it is way too huge for a single serving and those who believe it is way too small.

  5. It's not like, an extremely creepy thing but still. I was living with my mom and stepdad when it happened and that day, they were out, so I had to look after the cat.

  6. My parents divorced when I was three years old; I have no memory of my dad living with us. My mom was bitter about the divorce and bashed my dad to my brothers and me as often as she could. The worst thing she said, in my opinion (this happened many times) was this: she would tell us he was coming for a visit and we would get so excited—-our dad was coming! Then, when his arrival time came and went with no Dad walking through the door, she would say things like “I guess your dad doesn’t care about you” or “your dad’s work must be more important to him than you are, otherwise he’d be here by now.”

  7. Growing up, I was aware that one of my grandmothers had a difficult marriage. What made it that way, since my grandfather truly loved her? He didn’t respect her with his words. Just once—-he called her “a bitch,” and nothing was ever quite the same. I knew his attitude, and he just didn’t feel like it was any “big deal.” Yet I also know that my grandmother was very loving and easily wounded by such an attack.

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