1. The change that annoyed me was the shift from 6v6 to 5v5. Its a completely unnecessary change and all it does is make the game feel empty. The big team fights just don't feel fun anymore because they dont last as long with only 1 tank.

  2. I think 5v5 is the single best thing about ow2. I couldn't care less about f2p or battlepass or any of that. But not having two tanks means less time firing at shields and more play making opportunities.

  3. Do whatever you like, it's called creative for a reason lol

  4. I recommend using resized new terrain pieces for cliffs and then you can use the grass on top for a more natural and better looking cliff.

  5. They put mass effect on there! I would recommend guardians of the galaxy too!

  6. I'm having a problem with my Samsung S20 phone where my alarms and timers are silent and don't vibrate.

  7. I've spent hundreds of hours playing this. Especially when you consider all the mod content it's beyond worth it. $35 or 50 for hundreds of hours of entertainment. Not gonna find a cost ratio that good many other places

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