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  1. Will it have a detrimental performance on my system overall?

  2. I own a Switch, and now a Deck - the Switch is pretty garbage for 95% of its library. I stick to Switch exclusives, even then the price is so outrageous I barely invest in the ecosystem now.

  3. Ok, I get what you meant now. I guess I didn't really think it looks like a bomb in this state but it does. Once it is all closed up it should look nice though. Sorry for coming off as an asshat, which I did.

  4. Yeah, aggressive SMG’s are actually firing at 720rpm (averaged) just like rapid fire auto rifles. I’m not sure why they’re listed as 750rpm in game.

  5. You have to go into the steamdeck’s BIOS and set the minimum VRAM to 4GB. That clears up all the stuttering and makes the game playable. I posted my settings in a previous post, you can find them in my history. Gets the game to a good 40 FPS

  6. Quick question - I'm guessing the minimum VRAM BIOS option is only applicable for the Windows boot, SteamOS already does this?

  7. ELI5: Turn down in game resolution, turn on FSR

  8. Ok I can see it now, as calling filter. Do I ignore all the other options then?

  9. It's just in case a sentinel gets too mouthy or some Gek starts dissing your fly girl.

  10. I was about to say a similar thing. I’ve been in the hobby a good ten years now and have never met anybody that even came close to giving me nazi vibes.

  11. Same, although you take a look at some pearl clutchers who have made themselves 'spokesmen' for the community and you'd assume this nerdy wargame is a bastion for Nazi scum lmao.

  12. Based. So many people in this hobby NEED to touch some grass immediety

  13. Jesus christ for real, you look at some of these absolute melts and you'd assume that walking into any hobby store is comparable to dodging knives at a Nazi rally.

  14. The wattage decrease when the SD is almost fully charged. Battery health reasons

  15. Look I’m bringing my steam deck to the lake, but it’s for at night or rain days.

  16. Fuck yes! Still gutted that's my only season I didn't grind the ornaments for

  17. Yes, exactly. Report this and let Bungie sort it out.

  18. I think it was the sopranos or goodfellas or something, but I remember one of the gangsters telling his son "If you open the car door for her, and she doesnt reach over to your side and unlock your door, then drive her home and end the night there"

  19. Ah yes, advice from fictional gangsters on dating women - only on Reddit.

  20. I’ve installed it on my internal drive.

  21. Replaced. But I’ll install SteamOS as a dual boot OS when my 1TB SSD will arrived.

  22. Ah I see i didn't know if it could dual boot thanks. I think I will dual boot mine actually

  23. It’s an option from the gear menu on a game. There is a Compatibility option in there with a “Force compatibility” checkbox option and a drop down menu with different versions of Proton to use.

  24. There is other ways to play it like streaming it but I’d rather install windows

  25. Hi mate, it's it a fairly straight forward process to install windows?

  26. That sd-card will not hold long. Windows generates a lot of i/o, and a sd-card not made for that.

  27. How long will it last? I bought a Samsung 512gb Pro plus specifically to put wijndows 10 and non-steam deck compatible games on it

  28. No but you do need a brain for a very obvious joke. Sorry i forgot this is reddit everyone needs /s so it doesn’t get confusing

  29. Point of all what? Looks like you're angling for some weird Internet debate about licking assholes haha.

  30. It may be a silly question, but I genuinely ask... why? What's so enjoyable about each galaxy or progressing? Sometimes it feels a bit like a slog and not with much reward on the other end. But I'm only on my second.

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