1. Cybertron Optimus Prime: "A tank?! Are trying to draw attention to us?!"

  2. Thanks! They didn't have the exact sign, but I got a caution sign and some letters to add to it

  3. I believe there are regular wolves in the South Pole too

  4. I don’t think they were wolves; they were domesticated. They were like huskies, dogs that look like wolves. They also weren’t like our dogs based on their markings (I always thought it looked like Appa).

  5. They make reference to wolves in S1 after they find Bato and get into that fight with Aang and separate. Talking about the lonely howl of wolves separated from their pack.

  6. If you have a Unicron figure, you now need to shove him into a seam between his parts.

  7. One of my grails is a 01-Studio Cell or Pumpkin Unicron, so maybe one day! Until then I’m planning to get the 6” Reaction prototype Unicron. I’ll let you know if I can squeeze them together haha

  8. Imo this would be better for Soundwave. It's a stealth plane after all

  9. Personally, I see the long walks back as a walk of shame opportunity to approach from a flank or off-angle right off the bat. This was never really a case with 2cp. Walking back from spawn, largely uncontested, and dropping a fat tire from behind the enemy ana's left asscheek without them even knowing is just so damn fun.

  10. ok hold on a second. Im guessing (and hoping) that sandstorm is the autobot and not the seeker nor scorpion guy (that was already a Walmart exclusive). Whats LDR for the optimus stand for? is that the Armada optimus? and HOLY COW ANIMATED. ANIMATED TOYS ARE BACK BABY. And i guess our next combiner is going to be ... another silverbolt remold?!

  11. That’s gotta be Leader Optimal Optimus Primal from Beast. It makes total sense considering dragon Megatron just came out.

  12. It might also be a package refresh of a previous Optimus Prime figure, so I would not hold my breath on Primal.

  13. No sir, this is Platinum Edition Unicron, a redeco of Armada Unicron commemorating the 30th anniversary of the 86 movie.

  14. What a great figure. Its a shame they only did a limited run

  15. I cannot accept a Civic Hatchback. Animated was destined to be a VW GTI with a racing stripe 😤

  16. Yes, theres a whole ass movie about it called rogue one

  17. True, but its not the focus of the entire show

  18. After hearing people rave about Beast Wars I finally gave it a try and really enjoyed it, but didn’t think the storytelling was amazing like everyone said. Then I watched Armada, a show people also hype up immensely, and I started to see why Beast Wars was considered so good. As much as people talk about great character arcs and depth, the characterizations and motivations are all over the place, and the story is barely there (not a bad cartoon, though, just alright imo). Then I tried watching Energon and I realized why people thought Armada was so amazing. I think of people rewatched Armada (and if you rewatched Energon) they’d be surprised at how their memories have failed them. I felt that way when I started rewatching Cybertron since that’s what I grew up on. It’s kind of amazing how good Prime and Cyberverse are in comparison. We’re really lucky to be in the era we’re in.

  19. Yeah, I think that's the reason breast machines gets a bad reputation cause it was supposed to be the sequel and ended up being insane.

  20. When you said Breast Machines I thought you meant Transformers Victory for a second lol

  21. Bold of you to assume they'd exchange more than just one word.

  22. False. The GOAT is actually Buster Optimus Prime, the Japan exclusive version of this ROTF Leader Optimus, with the biggest difference that his gas canisters were removable and

  23. That transformation is wild. I have no idea how they did that

  24. This feels like Animated if Optimus never left the Elite Guard

  25. It’s interesting that out of all the big names in the franchise, Megatron is perhaps the least defined by his alt.

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