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  1. Whisper talk is so common in shows and movies these days and it’s super annoying. I watch everything with subtitles these days.

  2. Horrible comment. Blocked. Keep politics out of this sub. Keep negativity out of this sub.

  3. Dark >> 1899 and I say that as someone who enjoyed 1899.

  4. I loved 3x1. But wth?!?! How is your brain coping? It's only been like 2 days.

  5. I’m confused as hell about how Elizabeth is charlottes mother and daughter. Would someone please explain?

  6. Just a question and I’m seriously asking, not being mean or sarcastic. Why does it matter that you tell people you are non-binary on a video game?

  7. One thing I've noticed on every poster is that they want it to make very clear Shyamalan ain't the only writer lol

  8. Not that big of a mystery why. If he didn’t write it by himself, then they have to give credit to the others. It’s not like M Night is failing. His last few movies have been very well received.

  9. Cheaper these days and less hassle to just buy the ones you want off of a reputable eBay seller. That’s what I did for series 23.

  10. Currently airing on Disney+ with new episodes on Wednesday’s, and ignore that hater the series can be very enjoyable if you can tolerate modern Disney

  11. Way to pigeon hole someone who doesn’t like a show. I think it’s poorly acted, boring, and not fun. By calling me a hater, what conclusions were you jumping to ?

  12. Wtf is wrong with you lol the conclusion that I am jumping to is that you are hating on the show, and it is incredibly valid to call someone a hater when they call a show made for young children terrible. Try to be less offended by absolutely nothing

  13. My son who is a child couldn’t stand it. Also, Reddit is a cesspool where every time you express dislike for something, people label you. If you didn’t mean that, then I apologize.

  14. I loved Jimmy. One of the best characters on the show. His absence is sorely missed as he was the only joyful thing on the show.

  15. I dislike how she will randomly just like whisper. Like why? Lol

  16. Whisper talking is a big thing in movies and shows these days and it’s annoying af

  17. Hot take: maybe not everything needs to be a “hot take” or “I think X is better than Y.” Why does everything need to be a comparison that puts another movie down, or just a post that’s begging for meaningless validation? It’s exhausting. You can just like the special without shitting all over another property. Maybe re-examine your internal biases too.

  18. Hot take: people can like something better than something else without having these useless garbage phrases like “internal bias” thrown around

  19. I enjoyed the GotG Christmas Special way more than WF as well. It had a tighter story.

  20. Yup. It’s horribly hard to understand with all the accents and bad sound mixing. I watched the entire show with subtitles. There’s also the issue of many actors “whisper talking”, which is super annoying. When someone is on film, whether it be a tv show or movie, they need to speak clearly and enunciate.

  21. It was better than good. It was perfect and felt like a natural evolution of the original movie.

  22. I’m a woman, which is just an example of idiotic assumptions. As a woman, I have always felt Beth was an insulting example of what a supposedly tough, smart businesswoman was. She feels like some man’s idea of that more then anything that resembles reality. Sort of like Sheridan seems to think businesswomen should dress like well paid escorts.

  23. I think if she was a man, people wouldn’t tolerate him being such a hateful over the top asshole for 1 minute. I think the only reason she’s embraced at all is because “she’s so bad ass” or something like that, and that’s strictly because she’s a woman. Can you imagine for 1 second anyone championing a man who treats his assistants like Beth has treated hers?

  24. If she was male, people would despise the character and call for a boycott. Guaranteed

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