1. He had the ability to shape India because he was the first. There is no one to compare his reign with. So that negates the point.

  2. Lol. Eradicate? Replacing one superstition with another.

  3. You have no idea of what Rationalism is. You just hide behind this label to save your superstitious ass.

  4. Oh knowledgeable sire please explain to my buffoon superstitious ass what rationalism is

  5. The Cholas conquered for Money like all kings and empires not for spreading Hinduism

  6. Neither do these politicians, ceos, corporations, and the democracy you seem to love. At least, Hindus lived in peace and had their culture and temples were protected

  7. Is that where the name for Operation Barbarossa comes from?

  8. Best looking missile in our arsenal, imo. So pointy, so symmetrical, so cute.

  9. 26 is quite a lot for a place that was not ruled by Islam

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