1. Holy shit, I did not expect to see the person that got me into Malaysian music on reddit. Love your songs :)

  2. Aku gak tinggal di Indonesia tapi saya gak mau datang ke Medan lagi karena membosankan dan bahaya kali nih, tapi keluargaku tinggal di Medan, jadi harus ke medan selama minimal seminggu klo datang ke Asia tenggara :(

  3. Gw gak mengharapkan ada juga orang Indonesia di sini. Bingung gw lihat kata2 itu sebelum baca komentarmu

  4. u sure its 174 bro? coz its a damn huge number for deaths

  5. It has decreased to at least 125 people, because some people were apparently counted twice. 300 people are currently still lying in hospitals.

  6. Yeah, pretty much the reason I put the score. It was said mostly Arema FC fans stormed onto the football/soccer field.

  7. As someone who is red/green colorblind. I find this color selection maddening. Like are you very good or very bad? I have no clue.

  8. Happened to my school, since a teacher would sell naked pictures of herself on some site. She was quickly fired after that.

  9. Vomar is een supermarkt keten in Noord-Holland. Volgens mij zitten ze nergens anders

  10. Ze hebben ook een paar filialen in het noorden van Zuid-Holland, maar dat ligt toch net onder Noord-Holland.

  11. I was at the event today. Those are probably rentals (not sure) and there were tons of places to store your bike at. Mine was quite far away from the circuit (15 minutes walking), so it wasn’t packed at all.

  12. I do remember what it is, so I guess I won the bet. Does that mean I get your Oricorio that is currently rotting in your box?

  13. I’m half Dutch, half Indonesian (North Sumatra, Batak Toba), and I’ve visited Indonesia many times already.

  14. I’m excited about Gus, as he is a very rare brawler, thus easy to obtain and he’s a support brawler, making him very useful in certain situations.

  15. Though he may be a bad person, its not nice to make fun of someones english because its not their first langauge

  16. I’d expect a higher level of English from a Dutch person who is also a YouTuber with 1 million subscribers making English videos though.

  17. It’s Batak Toba, spoken by the Batak Toba people in North Sumatra. You might find the name Toba familiar, as it used to be a super volcano.

  18. Can’t believe I’m in the 0,67% who voted Yogyakarta which only consists of me! Expected a bit more people to be honest. It’s the only region in Indonesia with a monarchy after all.

  19. Isn't it strange that Belgium is cleaner than Netherlands? Maybe the northern beaches in the Netherlands bring down the average?

  20. I’m not surprised since Belgium has a tram covering the coastline. You’d definitely expect them to maintain the coastline well.

  21. In croatian (and other southern slavic languages) otrok means a child, in czech it means a slave.

  22. Hehe, in Malay “budak” means child while in Indonesian it means slave.

  23. There were some close calls, but I can’t imagine there being a female prime minister in the near future. Only in the next elections if Rutte suddenly retires (which I doubt will happen), there might be a female prime minister candidate for the VVD, but who knows wether the VVD will win without Rutte?

  24. That's not to mention the noise of cars, especially at that speed. At that point, even electric cars are no less noisy.

  25. As someone who occasionally bikes next to a highway, the noise pollution is kinda bad but not the real problem (in the Netherlands at least). If you bike on this bridge often though, you’re asking for black smoker’s lungs.

  26. I unironically hate all 4 of them while cycling. 3 of them continuously hit my face at high speeds while on my bike (had that today) and the other one pushes me off the road and blackens my lungs.

  27. Als Rusland zijn kernbommen hier nou eens op afvuurt, zijn we gelijk van heel Fl*voland af.

  28. Korona itu hoax, bill gates makan anak-anak dan 9/11 gak pernah terjadi. Putin pahlawanku 💞💞

  29. Indonesia 100%, it’s very diverse compared to cuisines of other countries. All of Southeast Asia has an underrated cuisine. I’m just choosing Indonesia however because I’m familiar with it.

  30. As a vegan person I can only give my support to Zemmour, he's going to recover France greatness

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