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  1. Australia is a significant world producer of many agricultural products, including wheat, wool and beef. Major commercial crops include broadacre grains, oilseeds and legumes to more intensive crops such as rice, sugar, cotton, grapes, bananas, and potatoes. Major livestock products include beef, wool and dairy products, and sheep, pig and poultry meats. In 2010-11 total farm production was $60 billion and exports were around $45 billion. Relative to its size in the Australian economy, agriculture provides a disproportionately large share of Australia’s exports: 21 per cent of merchandise exports compared to 3 per cent of GDP. Agriculture is one of the largest employers in Australia, providing over 350,000 jobs in 2010-11. Agriculture also represents a significant input into many other industries, particularly the food processing industry, which had a turnover of $65 billion and a value added of $24 billion. It is generally acknowledged that Australia has a strong comparative advantage in the production of agricultural products. This is a result of our size, geography, use of tech-nology and workforce skills. Consequently, agriculture is one of the most productive and internationally competitive sectors of the Australian economy.

  2. arrows are so wasteful, and the good ol boomerang bounces right back to you when you hit something.

  3. No. When you miss it comes back. When you hit you go collect it and your meat.

  4. Fluffy and Fuzzy went to the park, the ice cream social, the boat show, and various other wholesome activities.

  5. I’m going to engage in some wholesome activities tomorrow.

  6. I used to be with ‘it’, but then they changed what ‘it’ was. Now what I’m with isn’t ‘it’ anymore and what’s ‘it’ seems weird and scary. It’ll happen to you!

  7. Ooh, that's a good catch. Totally would fit the other evidence too.

  8. At the time he was low man on the totem pole. Crowder probably never saw the contract they sign. I’ll bet it’s filled with non disclosures too. If he were to sign with Fox he’d be top billing. I think it is a surprise to him how controlled Carlson, Hannity, Bongino, etc. really are.

  9. Really? Carlson seems pretty free to call out some major shit.

  10. Maybe he has a slightly better contract. Or maybe he’s willing to take the financial hit some of the time. I know he didn’t call out some of the stuff: election, covid, etc until after it had become more mainstream.

  11. Ok so I know this video is staged but what would actually happen to someone wrapped in tinfoil and then struck by lightning?

  12. The same as if you were just standing there. The foil won’t hurt or help you. It also won’t increase the likelihood of getting struck by lightning.

  13. I think it could help actually. Its a grounded conductor, which I imagine could act like a Faraday cage

  14. It’s not grounded. They wrapped foil around his legs.(And other extremities of course) It doesn’t touch the ground. The foil is to thin to carry the load of the lightning and a faraday cage would have to be a complete circuit around him to ground. Everywhere there is a break in conductivity the electricity will jump through the next best conductor on its way to ground. As the electricity moves through the foil it will atomize. The only help it will actually be is to keep the burns towards the outer most inches of his body and away from his heart, possibly.

  15. It's neither. The joke comes from the absurdity that he was trying to hide the fact that he was at a bar, and thought buying pornography was a more suitable lie.

  16. Yes, because he had a car accident. If it’s a bar perhaps he was intoxicated. The joke is that if he had just purchased pornography he was “reading” the pornography and possibly doing other things while driving that caused the accident, and Homer mistakenly thinks that would be better than a bar.

  17. This just hit me the other day - Marge asking Homer to wear the “Mr. Plow” jacket to bed and suggestively referring to him as “Mr. Plow.”

  18. Did you listen to the Audio book on Audible? I can only find it in Spanish but their search isn't always the best.

  19. Was it read by the non-union Mexican equivalent, Miguel Reisso?

  20. I include a combo when I sign birthday cards and such for the wife, weddings, my Mom.

  21. Why arrange them like this? Also the bones are all clean, how?

  22. Limited cemetery space for paupers around Paris. They used the same yards and would bury people in an area until they needed the grave again. Then they would dig them up, remove the now completely decayed remains save the bones and relocate them to the catacombs. Bury the new body and repeat.

  23. They got a bit of Japanese Leg-hound in ‘em. So, if they lay inta ya, it’s best to just let ‘em finish.

  24. The guy who winterizes my sprinklers said that he and his wife use a blow torch to kill thistles in their xeriscaping. He said to make sure to know where your sprinkler lines are and anything else that could be damaged before doing so. But they do it that way to burn the seeds.

  25. I’ve had success with scalding them with boiling water from my teapot. Just pour a little over all the growth especially the center. Works on most leaves and obviously no herbicide.

  26. picks up phone Sarah get me Superintendent Chalmers!

  27. Not sure Anna should count as a Disney princess name

  28. Intratec Cat 9, Smith and Wesson A22, Taurus 96 .22LR revolver, Savage Model 775A (browning A5, Remington Model 11 basically)

  29. Yes, I wasn't being chronological, just lumping them in as a group for reference

  30. Have lived in Omaha all my life, can confirm you’d find better steaks at any grocery store. But hey who turns down a steak.

  31. Indeed our grocery store steak is better, but most other places would enjoy the mail order steak. A good friend of mine loads up a cooler of steaks to take back to Charleston, SC every time he visits.

  32. Supporting pornography is really abhorrent considering the amount of abuse and human trafficking that goes on 😡

  33. Even if it wasn’t for the human cost in the production it is abhorrent.

  34. The cobs themselves being diminutive is a sign of poor soil or lack of sun. Most varieties will produce cobs that are 6”-8” long. I’ve had a single cob in a block that didn’t get pollinated for whatever reason and it was about as long as the others filled with kernels.

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