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  1. I found that the woman doesn’t want her husband to think she is a slut. The best thing to do is find one for her. Your going to have to do the work. Tell her that you will do the searching when you find someone that meets your criteria for safety, cleanliness etc, show her pics of them to see if they are attracted to them and go from there. This what I had to do, if I had waited on her if would have never happened. She ended up enjoying it which led to others including two at the same time. I always took pics and videoed. I enjoyed watching her fuck other guys, I am not the cuck type at all. Oh and by the way you don’t have all of the time in the world because you will get old and if a woman doesn’t feel good about how she looks she’s not going to participate in any of it. She has to feel sexy and you better make sure you do your part to make her feel that way. Good Luck

  2. Did you really wear that? If so I’m sure you had to make a run for it!

  3. Lol, I wonder if you motivate them or just piss them off. I’d say piss them off!

  4. Relatively maintained my ass, I’d put you up against 20 year olds anytime and no doubt you would be the one getting all the attention.

  5. That’s not a problem, short dresses are sexy, when someone that looks as sexy as you are in them!

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