1. Help, I need rules to allow me to "protect" myself from the very same people these rules have given guns!!

  2. There’s more defensive gun uses than homicides with guns per year in the US. And thats going by the most conservative estimate on defensive gun uses.

  3. While we do have gun regulations, which is great, most people that take issue with gun laws take issue with the many loopholes and lack of any mandatory safety training which can lower accidental gun injuries/deaths and help reduce the amount of children that get their hands on their parents' guns.

  4. While you shouldn’t have to take a course to exercise a right, I’d be stoked if the gov subsidized gun safety and training courses.

  5. I hear you man, I have seen some awesome 3d printed builds. I just don’t think people should have the Mindset of oh, I don’t even care if Biden bans guns because I can just 3d print.

  6. Bruh…. No one is saying “I don’t care if you ban guns, we can just print them!”

  7. I’d have an appraiser do an inspection and then they’ll be able to give you a range of similar houses in your area to get a better idea of your properties actual current value.

  8. Talking without knowing i guess since now you need a bayonet too to get that trade

  9. Do you normally come off as a complete asshole, or is this a one off event?

  10. Well he is either giving misinformation or omitting information so he appeared as talking without knowing but whatever

  11. Or it was literally just an honest mistake to not mention the single bayonet that you can also find fairly regularly or just buy off the flea for ~₽10k.

  12. Dude, the shell explodes outside the tech...jeez. Go ahead and believe 1000 Russian were killed in the trench if you like...whatever.

  13. Bro, you can see the blast travel along the wall of the trench upwards. The shell came in near the bottom of the screen 3-5 meters from the 2 soldiers clearly visible. The blast wouldn’t have been directed up and down along the trench if it hadn’t exploded IN the trench.

  14. Got the tank, but the artillery appears to land beside the trench. Given the AFU's penchant for zooming in on dead RF, we can assume the soldiers survived.

  15. You can tell that the blast followed along the walls of the trench, so the shell definitely landed in the trench. And there probably wasn’t much left of the guys to see, and any parts left would be covered in the soil the blast flung into the air.

  16. NH is the exception. It’s a Northeastern state so it’s culturally different than the Southern states. It lacks the toxic masculinity of the Southern culture. Culture is part of the equation and culture is also difficult to change.

  17. So are you saying the cultures in the areas with high gun crime are inherently violent and are more predisposed to resort to shooting people?

  18. Not asinine since it is one of the argument to allow easy gun ownership. The argument is why should law abiding citizens be inconvenience by any gun control measures like background checks. In truth, law abiding citizens kill a lot of people with guns.

  19. You’re saying the argument made by law abiding citizens is that they, as law abiding citizens, shouldn’t have their rights infringed upon ….. because they’re law abiding citizens. And you think that’s a bad argument?

  20. The Second Amendment explicitly states “For the purpose of a WELL REGULATED militia” as part of the criteria for guaranteeing the right to buy firearms. Slapping a few extra rules on how and when you can get one isn’t the same as repealing the amendment.

  21. Constitutional scholars have dissected 2A at length, the militia is the people and it says “the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. There’s a full info-graphic breaking down the wording.

  22. Okay and HOW would a registry violate the amendment? We already register cars and such, why not guns as well?

  23. People should have the right to privately own whatever they want without the government needing to know. You don’t want the gov in our bedrooms, I don’t want the government in my house at all. I don’t give a shit who you take to bed, you shouldn’t give a shit what I have in my gunsafe. Am I infringing on anyone else’s rights by me owning a gun?

  24. Well they are still going to ricochet, you just won't be able to see it. But when the tracers ricochet like in this video, it's the entire round, not just the phosphorus "breaking away" like you said. The physics of what you are describing makes no sense at all.

  25. Gotta love it when people try to speak on things with authority while being fully ignorant on that topic. Cherry on top when they actually delete all of their comments and even their account.

  26. Mhmm cool story bro. That’s not what’s happening in this video. As I mentioned above, the tracer compound (literally just compressed powder) does not have the mass to continue off thousands of feet away.

  27. Blah blah blah, all I’m hearing is excuses. Come back to me when you’re a man. And not a feminised pansy hiding behind his big stick to compensate for the clit he dares to call a dick.

  28. Oh no! The classic, infantile gun grabbers trope of “penis small, compensating much? Lol!” You people spend a lot of time worrying about other guys dicks.

  29. No, you don’t understand. You don’t have a small penis because you have a gun. You have a small penis because your testosterone levels are low. Even with all my shit talking, are you sure you’re eating enough meat? Doing enough physical exercise? A good testosterone level is important to every man. And don’t be ashamed to actually use hormone therapy for it either. There is no shame in using those to become the perfect version of yourself.

  30. Velocity on a rifle round is between 1500 - 3000 feet per second. Even if you saw the round coming, by the time your brain processed the information you would be dead. Which is why no military in the world has considered your idea seriously.

  31. Read the 2nd ammendment. That is my reason. ALL gun laws are infringements.

  32. I'm stuck needing a REAP-IR scope for the last gunsmith quest. Can't buy off flea so I'm just gonna have to keep trying I guess!

  33. A pipe , a marble , and some gunpowder . Oh wait

  34. The blueprints for homemade guns are out there. Less than $100 on a couple trips to Home Depot (shouldn’t buy all the supplies at once) and you can craft your own.

  35. Why would the opinion of some retard on Reddit have any effect on you doing what you want to do? I argue with dumbass gun grabbers all the time on Reddit. If anything it makes me want to go train, hell I going to my range tomorrow on a whim.

  36. To name one usage, literally what I’ve already said: self preservation.

  37. I understand the concept of “defensive gun uses” may be tough for you to grasp, but you don’t need to kill someone in order to defend yourself. Announcing that you are armed in a potentially violent event leading to the aggressor backing down is considered a DGU.

  38. I can’t wait to start collecting historical firearms, I can compare them to my airsoft ones

  39. Get a “Curio and Relics” FFL and you can have 50+ year old firearms delivered to your house. The license is like $30.

  40. New underbarrel attachment...really don't see it's practicality since it's weak

  41. He’s not taking about a masterkey shotgun attachment. An over/under is just a type of double barrel shotgun. Instead of the barrels being side by side they are over/under.

  42. Personally I’d prefer if they introduced 10 gauge double or even single barrel shotguns.

  43. You can’t think of any reason why some people would have a negative view of police?

  44. Do you also think people shouldn’t be allowed to dress up as Russian military?

  45. At no point did I say someone can’t dress up as anything. Someone asked “why is it a problem?” And I explained why someone would have a problem.

  46. There’s a similar post like this one seemingly every day since wipe.

  47. In what way is it hard for a “law obeying citizen” to get a gun in America? Every mass shooting was done with them buying the gun lawfully. This is the dumbest excuse

  48. Every mass shooting has been done by legally obtained firearms? You sure about that?

  49. Gross? If I go to AZ, do you think it would be legit for a gunstore to sell me a 30 round non CA compliant AR?

  50. The AZ gunstore isn’t going to sell a rifle to someone with a CA driver’s license. Hell, the gunstores in NH just over the border from MA won’t even sell a MA resident “high capacity” magazines let alone a firearm.

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