1. I was looking for tips for chasing as killer and came across this thread, so sorry for necromancing it. I totally get what you’re saying dude. I’m devotion 1 level 22 and I’ve never gone below rank 7. It just seems like no matter what I do I get smacked ten feet through a window or just end up in a dead zone. Shit is frustrating. Especially when you find out it’s like a rank 16 that rekt you. I’ve seen all the YouTube vids and read all the tips and I’m still hot garbage.

  2. I'm interning over summer at a law firm for a paralegal internship. I have no idea how I've managed it since I've been trying to get sober for years, but I just have this summer internship and one more semester and I'll have my Bachelor's degree

  3. That’s exciting though, are you wanting to go to law school afterwards? It might help you in the beginning if you are busy, it helps take your mind off of it some.

  4. I've considered going to law school, but the nearest one is 30-45 minutes away and my dumbass has another 2 years of my license being suspended, so its probably not in the cards in the near future. Honestly, I'm pretty happy to do paralegal stuff. Paralegals are the brains behind the attorney and make them function, and I've always preferred to be the power behind the throne, so to speak.

  5. I’m sure you’ll be good at whichever you choose to do. I know how inconvenient not having your license is. I just managed to get through grad school 50 minutes away without a license thanks to a good support group. I did my administrative hearing to get my license back in January and the DMV lady denied me so I’ve got another 10 months. But I guess I’m telling you that to let you know that things are going to get better even if they may seem like it won’t right now, I was sitting exactly where you are only a few years ago. If you ever need an ear to bend mine is open. It’s good that you have come this far already! IWNDWYT

  6. Eh I dunno. I read our state senate just ok’ed a bill for medical marijuana.... you know if you go out of state and buy it and carry it across state lines. So if it passes all the hurdles you can get out of a possession charge by admitting to a felony. 🤣

  7. Ours that was proposed was full legalization for possession and cultivation up to x amount. Polling shows medical is supported by 3/4 and recreational by over half, maybe they’ll listen. We can’t even petition for ballot measures which is just insane to me, it’s our state not theirs.

  8. Yeah. Let me know when the government figures that one out...

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