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  1. I wanted him to eat anus not win

  2. Any kicks above waist height are too much of a gamble in a street fight

  3. Some body fat around your belly is clearly what you need mate, on paper you are seriously underweight. Not trying to scare you but you don’t need Reddit help you need doctor help.

  4. It really is that easy, I can see how addictive it can be. I've been off morphine since yesterday though and am being discharged today so I'll be ok I think. Side bonus, being in hospital and hearing about how much I'll mess up the healing if I carry on has forced me to begin to quit smoking. 5 days in, I've only smoked 4 cigarettes. On the quitting wagon

  5. I’m on week 3, first week was horrific felt like I was breathing through a straw. Still finding myself gasping for a fag when I see someone smoking but I feel so much better already. Good luck mate it’s so worth it.

  6. All that fruity tuti shite makes me feel ill, thankfully my manager doesn’t allow vaping inside as it’s disgusting enough outside.

  7. Should’ve done it on the beat drop

  8. In before the bot, shut up I’ll use my own grammar

  9. But he’s right, I am NOT gay but I have lost count of the number of times I’ve accidentally shagged beardless men (I’m not gay) thinking they were women. Just to clarify I am not gay and it’s an easy mistake to make even if you’re not gay.

  10. Women who throw other women under the bus for a man, or the attention of a man etc.

  11. I remember my first day at a new school when I was about 16, I’d just got out of my first swim training session when 4 girls rushed over to me to introduce themselves.

  12. Honestly, a Joe Rogan marijuana company would be a pretty marketable idea.

  13. Pretty sure I’ve heard him talk about this before and he’s not in favour


  15. Who actually gives a shit about what celebs think? I will never understand why everyone gets themselves into such a state about arguments on Twitter.

  16. Zero interest in football American here. Isn't America having an arguably average team an improvement over what we used to have? I have seen a significant increase in interest in football here over the past 10 years... the way Americans focus on sports to a totally ridiculous extent, I would think that another decade and we will consistently field an above average team. I mean, I hope not, because I am an American football fan. Cramming more sports into our culture seems like a net negative, but I assume that is where we are heading anyway.

  17. Americans have so much funding for sports it makes my eyes water. That funding is only going to pick up for football after you lot host in 2026 and the USA will easily be far beyond average. I am certain we’re going to tear our bloody hair out when you yanks beat us in a decade.

  18. Ofc the yanks are average 90% of them couldn’t give a toss about football

  19. I’d honestly be concerned that my wife can’t take care of a kid because it’s “hard and they are sad” but giving a 6 year up to strangers is somehow easy and okay? I’d never have biological children with someone like this. I’d rather be a single parent. I’d have more empathy for a strangers child than this woman seems to have for this kid. I love my husbands nephews endlessly and would raise them both if I had to on this situation. Being exhausted is nothing compared to losing both your parents at 6.

  20. The way OOP phrased everything makes his wife sound like a complete fucking diva nightmare

  21. “Just give him up for adoption, please”

  22. Fuck I hate that sub. But this article was a sensationalist toilet rag all the way through, with this third rate journalist failing to ever address what kind of “danger” a fucking TV show causes.

  23. Unfortunately we have to pay for them until they do. Obesity and illnesses related to it are the most costly branch of a health care system. And the most fucked up thing about it is that in stead of encourageing programs for weight loss, they're like "nope, here's a scooter to cut down locomotion and energy spending even more. Don't worry, it's taxpayer money. All the costs are covered"

  24. Smokers pay taxes on cigarettes, fat people should at least pay taxes on their junk food.

  25. I rather use yt shorts than have literally every button I press tracked by mao zedong’s ghost

  26. I’d rather stick my cock in a toaster. YouTube shorts is physically painful to watch, as are most short video form platforms.

  27. Haha as if, 2009 -2018 America had 288 school shootings. The closest to that was Mexico with 8 school shootings. That’s also 57 times more than all the other g7 nations combined

  28. I thought this only happened in America.

  29. No don’t worry it happens in other third world countries too

  30. This is what happens when you do a podcast in a room that has a collective IQ of 90

  31. Yeah well bet Egypt doesn’t have a pub 4 mins drive away from their ancient monument, your pyramid geezer can suck on that.

  32. 🤣 i love when other people wear countries traditional clothing it fr makes me smile

  33. Hate to say it but I’ve only ever seen American women get triggered over “cultural appropriation“ Typically on behalf of a culture they don’t even belong to.

  34. Apart from me, no one ever tries me.

  35. I’m currently loving this when I’ve smoked and I’m monged out of my mind. Don’t understand why people get so wound up about lighthearted bollocks, it’s entertaining, fun and personally for me educational (because I always end up googling the accredited history afterwards).

  36. Why? For the vast majority of people it’s mindless light entertainment

  37. Is this what GenZ comedians are going to be like?

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