1. 90's f15o's in line 6 cylinder or 5.0 v8 or 7.3 diesel trucks or 90's dodge 360 (5.9) or 5.9 12valve Cummins diesel manual on all if you can find it.. both diesel's are top notch, also most of the auto transmissions were pretty good if they were not beat on and are not to bad if needing rebuilt on the wallet.

  2. Lay them out on saw horses with 2x4'x8. Pressure washer/ garden hose with spray wand and leaf blower to dry. Used to do this when I worked at steal yard. They would bring uncovered square tube in on the trucks uncovered and rained on. It sucked, but prevented tube from getting all rusted. We had Hot Air Curtains that we used in place of leaf blower. To dry the tube, fine window screen under the the sawhorses to catch the chips.

  3. you could use some small pipe that would fit inside the cage that you are using to store them, as your saw horses. Line the bottom of the cage with window screen for the chips.

  4. Finish high school. Either way it will be better for you. Even though there are many guys who cant spell or use proper grammer, in the notes and stories they write on work orders, it doesnt mean that you have to be like them.

  5. This the best reply here! Trogasarus could not say it any better!! Finish High School!!

  6. Your dust shields might be rubbing your rotors. Does not sound like the problem, but

  7. Not bad! Giving it a good pressure wash and spraying it with some fluid film would help. What I can see it looks fine.

  8. All depends on the # that's on the cat. Each one is diffrent.

  9. worked and saved cash to pay for each semester. paid in full at the beginning of each semester.

  10. hello go buy a few cans of brake parts cleaner.. wash the area down till the brake caliper is dry and also the metal line and the fitting it threads into. brake clean and a blow gun (compressed air) work well to get things clean and dry. also try to keep the rotor clean. Wipe most of that with a rag first. I think you had a cv joint fail in the past and who ever repaired that did not clean any of the grease that was thrown out from that failure. or had grease on their hands and touched that area but just buy the oil grime on you sway bar links and lower control arm looks like cv joint boot broke. Do clean those areas good and pump up you brakes to check if you do have a leek in the line or you caliper. best of luck

  11. thanks for the input i’m gonna clean it up and go ahead w my brake flush and see what happens

  12. I would check the rubber boots on the cv axel they brake their. Centrifugal force throws the grease from inside the boot out all over the wheel well components . if they not cracked you should be good. "what would you do to repair the cv axle" type repair cv joint 2010 4runner in YouTube and you find a video. but make sure you don't have any fluid coming out of your brake lines.. hence the brake clean and very dry caliper and brake lines and press you pedal firmly for a good bit of time and check lines and caliper.

  13. https://admin.owners.infinitiusa.com/content/manualsandguides/QX30/2017/2017-qx30-owner-manual.pdf

  14. If your car is running fine. I would not worry about it.. but dealerships was not wrong about bringing it up. You are 5,000 over what engineers planed for that engines plug life. The NASA mars rovers were only supposed to last 90 days. Opportunity made it around 14 years. :) If car starts acting up change them.

  15. This can be a lot of things. I would find a good A/c service shop. low charge, improper charge, pump failing, blend door not working. Some of the things that might be your issue.

  16. Utter BS. The issue with the pic is that the manbasket isn't chained to the backrest, so the entire basket can slide off. OSHA has an exception specifically for these types of baskets.

  17. Thank you so much... We have a brand new platform that we used to use all the time till we got new safety guy . So many times, it would be better to use, in locations requiring repair, then using our man lift, size wise. Big man lift does not fit inside some buildings to well, and I been on ladders and cheep ass scaffolding instead of 2 minute basket to forklift hook up. Thanks again. printing this out right now :)

  18. What would you say are the best 3 knots to learn? Other than the obvious two: basic bow and ocean plait.

  19. Yeah, every single Uber driver I’ve ever had has always had a big stash of softened soap in his car just exactly for this situation. And also the ability and motivation to then create a mold, melt down the spare metal he has laying around, pour the molten metal into the mold, and then drive all the way back to your house to break in and steal your shitty stuff. It’s a racket, I tell you!

  20. ya no one doing this ..lol.. any one that can do this, can learn to pick locks so much faster :)

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