1. I’m actually picking up the solo burgers today buying a rare 1/10 from galenas, usually artifact or nothing for me with them but I really want to try it. I got the cherry lemon gelato and I don’t know if it’s just me but I’m not that impressed. I would give it 6/10, certainly smokable but it’s not a 10/10 experience like I want it to be

  2. Let me know what you think of the solo if you happen to pick it up anytime soon. I put an order in for last minute just in case.

  3. It’s good stuff. In the bag smells gmo pretty heavy but it smokes with a bit of a sweet after taste. In the past two weeks I’ve had my first experience with Donny burger, solo burger or anything with that strain first with Rivera creeks version and now this. I don’t buy RC often but I thought it was pretty good. This is better in my opinion. Both are gma garlic kind of taste. I usually avoid anything galenas that isn’t artifact like the plague but this one is a winner. Was feeling frosty and grabbed a 1/10th of their Soap too. Also good. Galenas on a run lately.

  4. I agree it's pretty solid. I get the same whiff of gmo on the nose but a savory sweetness on the exhale. I was able to snatch up a half. I was uncertain beforehand but happy I made the leap. Not sure if it's true but I read that RC donny burger is lost river renamed...if so I had that but if not I haven't lol. This has more flavor. My batch has 18 MG limonene not the the 19 I seen in the other post but I haven't compared batch numbers. Thanks for the feedback helps alot when we're all looking for info on a potential product.

  5. I been searching for this one. Do you know what dispensary has it? Thanks

  6. Strawberry fields in Columbus has it and it's 140 a half but if u wait for the 30 percent sales they run usually on Saturday it's 98 plus tax which is well worth it. Very potent effects for me on this batch

  7. Sounds like a plan hopefully it's still on the menu tomorrow for the sale

  8. I was going to snatch that one because I read a review saying it was really piney. The other recommendations are good but I don't really get pine from them.

  9. Both are piney for sure. Hope you can get that Bubba. I'm still enjoying mine

  10. It's definitely on my radar. Almost purchased it last week but I needed more confirmation to justify that price. It's hard to find true pineyness in our program. I'm def grabbing some when I get a chance.

  11. Only savvy good flower i can speak of is the j mag but hard to find mostly only see it in preground halves

  12. Wondering where the "Lost River" fans are...

  13. I'm with you friend. I just tried it the other day and I must say I was way more impressed with it than garlic cookies. It is very pleasingly pungent. Good Indica.

  14. Absolutely. Where do you go? I go to the dispos in morenchi right on the Ohio/Michigan border. The white truffle is really good!

  15. Check out Urb and Crave in Monroe Michigan Crave had a 2 oz for $135 special...and I got an oz of Gary Payton form Urb for $90 with a free eighth for first timers. I also go to House of Dank in Ypsilanti where I paid 150, 75, 50 for me last three oz's from there. Nature's Medicine in Wayne has 40% off first time patients. A lot of this information takes time to actually find out and you can never find enough of it so I hope this helps

  16. This doesn't make any sense. It's the dispensaries who have to allow smell jars. And once they have you in there, you're spending the money you came to spend 99% of the time. All the smell jars might do is make you buy a different product than you'd planned on.

  17. Those smell jars would save patients from taking so many losses. I know all flower consumers can relate when I say that we've all all had at least one jar of flower that we opened and the smell made us realize we made a mistake. The smell is very vital as one deep inhale will communicate to your body whether it has the potential to be soothing and comforting..or the opposite. It is a very critical point in the process in order to making the most informed decision.

  18. Buy all four, roll em up together, & enjoy u some NY Larry sour cookies

  19. Lol I like the way that sounds..or some 92 super flo cake

  20. Ive had all of these and the NYC Flo when its done right is amazing.

  21. I got 14.15 of jungle fire smalls last sat. Opened the sac an was like where's my flower? Got home to weigh it at 6.8 grams is what I got! It's killer But Dam! Contact Team Certified bout it all the info,pics of everything. 5 days later I get 56$ from Tayleee something. She tried to say I got shake when it said smalls on bag an receipt. I've never got shake from the program anyway. Maybe back n day on a rough day. I don't do Shake! But Lesson learned! Fuck team Certified

  22. Yeah I would of been highly myself. That's pretty messed up. I can't complain about my experience. I was satisfied but I don't like when others have to go through that because that can happen to any of us.

  23. Jungle 🔥 is pretty good. Nice and potent with a hint of gas smell. I would buy it again

  24. I agree. Iwas able to snag some. Nice and tasty. I could use a little more potency but I'm not disappointed. Thanks.

  25. How long ago did you try it? You how this market is batch to batch.

  26. Nice discount, better than my indigent one. Wonder if it's old stuff, or stuff no one wants anyway.

  27. I wondered that myself but I ended up being able to snatch a half of the orange 43 and it was packaged 6 days ago..very very fresh.

  28. That's cap tho. The motorbreath and the fcut.og from herbal.are pure gas straight fuckin fire. They are 400 a zip tho. But it's for sure high quality. Your right about anywhere else tho shits trash. Biggest boof is at cookies

  29. What's up bro I was scouring reddit for info about good weed in that area and I came across your comment and crazy thing is I'm from Ohio and tried both those strain from herbal solutions about a year ago and I was impressed also. I am about to smoke another trip and I figured you might be a good person to ask since hit those two right on the money. Any suggestions

  30. Very finely ground..too powdery..but some of them actually taste decent just way too ground up.

  31. I did. It's not going to smell or taste like the name. Not very good imo.

  32. Top three terps on my jar were Caryophyllene 7.6..limonene 2.7..myrcene 2.6..butn cant really tatse them.

  33. Ghee butter will probably disappoint you. Epbc tastes almost identical to buckeye relief's lemon Dosidos. Relative to the reviews I think it's a little overhyped. Haven't had Gorilla nut but wouldn't buy the other two again.

  34. Buckeye relief Lemon Dosidos and Galenas Electric peanut butter cookies

  35. The crosses are still good, but I feel like they should have just release single strains first. My wife would be excited to have a sherbhead. Her favorite is Jealous x apricot gelato.

  36. How does the jealousy x apricot gelato and icc single strain compare to each other if you don't mind me asking?

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