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  1. 2019 Commander decks, worst spec ever. I bought 2 sets after seeing how well some past Commander decks were doing. I kept waiting for them to blow up. I eventually had to break them apart and sell what I could to recoup my costs.

  2. I love the 26. I can’t explain why but it’s the Glock I shoot best. Tried the 48, 43, 19, 17, and 26 and I’m noticeably better with the 26. I want one.

  3. I had an lcr for pocket carry and I sold it, because I could never shoot it as well as my 26. Love this gun.

  4. The lcr is a tough gun to shoot from what I’ve heard.

  5. I wanted to love it. Ultimately, I think I just wanted a reason to have a revolver. The 26 is better is just about every way.

  6. Interesting, thank you. So, there's no way to get a specific card I need for a deck without basically getting every card via the collection level. That puts a damper on creativity.

  7. Thank you! As someone who's just starting out (I'm like CL 10) the idea of pool 1 being up to CL 214 sounds crazy. I'm sure it will go by quickly though!

  8. I'll give it a shot. If I look to expand my kit at some point, what would you recommend in addition to a city rake?

  9. I've not had much luck with city rakes myself, but they are popular. The Genesis set is a nice starting place. I'd get a deeper hook, for more difficult bittings. A curve/reach in case you get interested in Medecos. Not necessary but I'd consider a diamond, if you want to try some dimple locks, and an offset diamond.

  10. Thank you! I already ordered some knurled flatbars from Sparrows. I'll take a look at the other items and see. I might have to break out the dremel for this stupid masterlock I still can't get open...

  11. Damn it I deleted it and moved it. Nope but I have seen your name a few times! I notice Reddit does that. Gives me a friend for the day! Lmao. You must be here, lights, and lockpicking on a guess? That’s most of my subs. Lol

  12. Those, CCW, and a few gaming subs round out my top ones.

  13. Gaming is an alt! Lmao I don’t stress CCW I got my methods and that’s all I use pretty much. But I guess I’ve hit you a few times. Looking at it now you’re also in locksmithing with the Schlage or Schlage clone. The advice about YouTube is gold for simple locks like that. Locknoob and BosnianBill are my recommends.

  14. Thank you! I'm familiar with those guys. Hey, you need to have your systems, I understand.

  15. I can get these for 5 bucks and a bit of a drive. Are these any good for someone practicing lockpicking? Thanks.

  16. Depends on what type of locks they are. If they are all pin tumblers, its probably worth it. However, there are probably a few warded locks in there, which use a different (inferior) mechanism and you won't get much practice out of them.

  17. Thank you for the feedback! That all makes perfect sense. The seller has already made it clear that there are no keys.

  18. It’s not all about capacity. Do you score hits as well with your 365 as you do with your 19? As recent events have shown you may be in a position where you need to take a longer shot faster then you’ve been practicing for. Personally I find the micros less controllable then the mid size guns. Is your draw under stress as consistent grabbing the micro as the lager gun? Are you in a position where the environment is non-permissive and discovery could cost you your job (or freedom)? There are a lot of considerations. But what it really comes down to is which do you perform better with. If I’m being honest my Shield gets the majority of the holster time, but if I were to go back to a line of work where the odds of a fight were a little higher, there is no doubt in my mind I’m taking my Glock 19.

  19. This is the right answer. I recently increased my training time and noticed that I can consistently hit well with my Glock 26, but I'm not at all accurate or consistent with my lcr. I'm selling the lcr and working on improving my carry skills with the Glock.

  20. From what I heard it was a Glock 9mm, and he spent the mag which would imply a 43x. I’ve saw some reports specifically say the 43x but don’t have links at the moment.

  21. A Glock 26 also has a 10 round mag standard.

  22. I don't have one, but I imagine something that Hill People Gear make (like this:

  23. PA is tricky in some ways, we have autos, gravity knives, balis, and technically even daggers are prohibited. I think the line you're worried about is really just legal speak if you end up attacking someone with your knife or were picked up for some other notable crime such as trespassing, breaking and entering, etc. So I'd not worry unless you planned on doing those things.

  24. Thank you for the detailed reply! I've had similar experiences, but it's annoying that the law is so murky.

  25. Isn’t PA a stop and frisk state? Off topic but curious sorry.

  26. Go to truck dealer, buy new truck, then click on use existing truck or whatever it's called and you can see a truck exactly like yours.

  27. Thank you, but at a truck dealer I could just go to the service too. I'm trying to accomplish this "at a glance" without having to drive around and switch trucks.

  28. I take it you are quite early in the game?

  29. No, I'm able to do that. I want info on my current trucks today I already own (I have roughly 20).

  30. No worries. One more thing to consider if you want to carry it with pocket clip, I had previously leatherman charge tti with deep carry pocket clip and it was just too heavy. Pulling on that pocket was kinda uncomfortable. Charge tti was 250g and mp600 is 255g so even heavier, but because it’s on a belt I can’t really feel it. Definitely more comfortable on belt.

  31. Dang, I hadn't thought of that. Are there any Leathermans with clips you recommend?

  32. I didn’t had many leathermans, went straight for most expensive one (charge tti) and it turned out to be crap, but it had detachable pocket clip and loads of tools.

  33. I would think WKND would be weekend.

  34. Blog weekend. I'm thinking, "Look out for a blog post this weekend about Glacier National Park!"

  35. You can use my web app if you want! I delisted once because it got the reddit hug of death, but I think I upped my limits enough now. Free and open source.

  36. This is seriously cool! Thank you!

  37. You're welcome! I'm working on an Android app, but this works for now.

  38. This is sweet, and it's going to be a huge help for me as I start running games. Happily purchased!

  39. Teachers too. We don’t need to make a fuss, we just drink, lol.

  40. You could simply put them in a file that you list on .gitignore and include a reference to that file in the api file that needs it.

  41. Thank you! I actually tried that, but to use github pages for hosting all of the files required for the website need to be in the repository.

  42. It's ok, I'm the one who actually tried it and screwed everything up and had to fix it :D

  43. 2gdr says:

    Is a school allowed to search a student? I’m just asking as I don’t know laws and rules.

  44. A quick search found this. This gels with my personal experience (I work in a public school). Generally, looking in a backpack and having a kid pull their pockets out is nbd. Happens all the time. That would have been the bare minimum my school would have done.

  45. If you report a problem in your event, Wizards will refund your entry fee.

  46. How do I do this? I thought they would just refund it automatically, but they definitely didn't.


  48. They're ICRs There are no wildcard rewards on the mastery pass (or anywhere, other than in packs).

  49. Historic brawl? Matchmaking is broken right now, and Wizards had admitted as much, but I find that since it's not ranked, I don't mind lot. I try to make solid mid-tier decks like Goreclaw and Arcades and if I end up in a match I'm not enjoying, I don't mind conceding. I do also sometimes enjoy playing out the tough matches to see what I can do.

  50. Seriously. It's as if people don't know good Magic cards when they see them. Once the system is actually working, if you're ending up being matched against decks you feel are out of your league, you have two options:

  51. I grabbed a dimir control deck from one of the people I follow on Twitter the other day that just wrecks trickery decks. Narset and Ashiok make their lives very difficult, and they don't like Memory Lapse either.

  52. Definitely! This version has one in the sideboard. I might go for more if I feel like I need them.

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