1. You can buy it again from the dealership under the custom tab

  2. My brother in christ, they literally have the same poses, you took my minis and changed some thing here and there maybe and that's it

  3. How could have I used your poses if there was no link for them? I literally started from scratch

  4. Dog just admit you steal poses. This is the same shit you got called out for on your last post, and you’re still doing it

  5. I couldn't find the hotline Miami mini op before I posted, so I just posted without cred which was dumb, then my post got deleted before I could respond and give credit, but these poses I started from default for sure

  6. Looks great! A small suggestion but try giving him an extra arm with a bandage nub and layer it on top of his metal arm to give to give the impression that the prosthetic is placed over his bandages.

  7. True! I did use this but you could use see where the arm ended and it looked strange but il try using the cast on the extra mini

  8. I love your decal work on the arms and torso. The layering, colors and overall layout really make this mini work. Good stuff!

  9. Wow, it looks incredible. I just finished the campaign and you nailed the look!

  10. Damn Myers looks good. So do the others, especially Ghostface but damn, Myers. The use of decals is great.

  11. Same!! The one I got doesn’t have the pouch pockets at the bottom but has the brown corduroy collar it’s a the dickies Alton garage jacket!!

  12. These are amazing, can I have a link to scarecrow and redhood?

  13. Only the second Batman related post I've ever liked here. Solid.

  14. This, these horrible people don't deserve any kind of recognition and people like OP aren't helping.

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