1. how do you avoid getting stunned when dropping bomb during bingo phase? I tried dashing in the corner with space bar but still got stunned.

  2. You only get stunned if you have a bomb icon over your head and you walk over a (red or white) skull tile, so just go to the right tile before getting the bomb icon.

  3. figured it out. I play SH and my dash is shorter than my other chars so i was short a millimeter

  4. Anyone regret honing past 1505? Specially the weapon. Sitting at 50% artisan and completely broke now. Used all my fused leaps too. So much regret because i know I have to hit 23 aftewards for the glow

  5. I honed armor to 1512.5 and the three pieces went 85/65/90 artisan. Can't say I regret because I knew what I was signing up for, but that was without a doubt the most economically stupid thing I've done in the game. 22+23 weapon pity would have cost over 1m gold which is like 2-3 alts fully geared 5x3 books included. And I'd rather have my alts geared.

  6. I still run all legendaries on the pally at 1475. Slowly upgrading to 3 relics leaving rings for my class accessories. Can join any party no problem

  7. I cooked better authentic chinese dishes at home , lol, so why would I spend extra money in chinese restaurants I prefer to eat different cuisine if I decide to go to restaurant except Chinese restaurant😁

  8. Are you saying you're better than professional chefs, or that the chef's in Chinatown aren't good

  9. Sad to see Sel Sun's window boarded up. That was my spot for several years.

  10. Going by maxroll PS SH swiftness stacking guide, taking PS1, Grudge, Adrenaline2, CD, KBW, but I'm not sure why you would take RC over AMBUSH? seems like Ambush takes more skill to pull off but does much more DMG? Anyone know if this build is good?

  11. It really makes little to no difference, mainly just preference. I chose crit since I’m running kbw and you need to maintain 85% crit rate to be effective with Entropy.

  12. Someone, somewhere should punch the guy in the face who decided to ever make ANYTHING given away as compensation be bind on obtain.

  13. as AVGN would say " WHAT WERE YOU THINKING ? "

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