1. My first play through I used Griffin throughout. I’m currently playing NG+ and switched from Enhanced Griffin to Cat Cat (I need to get the upgrade plans, but that is two levels above me).

  2. At the point you are in the game, you probably you won’t need a Seamoth again. It cannot go deeper than the Lost River and I’m guessing you are ready since you are in the Lost River now. I would suggest just continuing the story.

  3. Definitely swap the mask for the rebreather as soon as you can so you don’t take the oxygen penalty in deep water. I usually don’t bother removing the radiation suit until I can build and switch to the reinforced dive suit.

  4. There are islands to explore, the game will lead you to them via radio signals. Your radio is your best guide in this game.

  5. Lesson learned. Always carry the materials you need to build a charging base in wall cabinets in Cyclops. Then no matter where you happen to be you can just construct a base and charge your power cells. If you have plants in Cyclops and enough material for a bioreactor you can always have power available. In the Lost River and below, there is easy access to thermal power.

  6. I needed kyanite that's why I came down here. I made it out of the lava zone but now I'm out of power. Do you have any tips?

  7. Do you have enough material to build a Cyclops thermal reactor? If so, you are set because Cyclops can charge your power cells. If not, you need to build a base.

  8. Where is your base? You might not be as far from a heat area as you think. Power transmitters are relatively inexpensive and will send power up to 100m even through solid ground.

  9. The lava castle in the ILZ? There are a couple of entrances about halfway up marked by green pillars. The easiest one to spot is directly above a lava fall.

  10. The fun thing is the moon pool and vehicle upgrade console blueprints can be found at wrecks that are below 200m. The easiest place to find both is

  11. I’m pretty sure you cannot kill a warper, you just chase them away temporarily.

  12. Did you receive a transmission regarding some plans that were sent to the Aurora? You talk about having a Prawn suit, so I’m guessing you have been there. If not, you should go there, get the plans and deal with the radiation problem.

  13. Cyclops spends most of its time parked near a base, either your main base, or a smaller, portable base you set up when you arrive somewhere. Its main job is to transport you, a vehicle and all of your supplies from point a to point b. Once you get there, you use your smaller vehicle as your workhorse. It can hold most of your smaller base equipment (wall cabinets, radio, fabricators, modification station, etc.) and has storage to carry as much building material as you will ever need. Since you can mount grow beds and grow pots inside, it can carry everything you need for food or water (although you should still carry cured fish and water bottles). I always carry a portable charging/scanning base in wall cabinets and a lantern tree for biofuel.

  14. If you scan one you get a blueprint and can make them. You won’t need them again for quite a while.

  15. Used to be my only way in. Biggest issue is those trees that like to grab Cyclops.

  16. I have used all of ‘em but my preferred one for a first trip in is the Bulb Bush/Mountains one. Niiice and easy!

  17. Give or take the unavoidable ghost there. At least you have decoys and shields.

  18. There is no auto save functionality. Save often. If you think you are going somewhere dangerous, save. Then once you are safe again, save. If everything goes catastrophically wrong you can always reload from the previous save.

  19. Don’t ask for tips and stay away from wikis as much as you can. Just explore on your own. The game is better when you discover it for yourself.

  20. You have three options for the gear: Sell them for a few crowns, dismantle them for a few resources or store them away to display at Corvo Bianco, though since you are asking about Mastercrafted and not Grandmaster crafted, I assume you don't have Blood and Wine.

  21. I have the DLCs but I didn’t play all the way through on my first run because I got burned out on the game after a while. Rather than continuing the original save I started with a new NG+ this time. It was a little difficult at the beginning but I’m cruising along now.

  22. Please remember to flair your post and tag spoilers or NSFW content.

  23. And why do I get these reminders every time I post?

  24. I have a Poly Sync 20 speaker connected via USB for Teams and Slack. I love the freedom of not having something in or over my ears all day. I’m generally the only person at home except during the summer.

  25. On one island (not Sunbeam), did you see the installations build by other humans who were on the island before you? You should follow them and see where they went. Read their PDA entries and you will receive a signal.

  26. You are asking on a WFH subreddit, of course you will get a lot of people saying WFH is better. For some people, and a lot of positions, it probably doesn’t matter much whether you are in office or at home. I personally think there is a lot of benefit to working from the office. Don’t underestimate the human interaction. While I don’t hang out with my coworkers, I am indeed friendly with them and enjoy their company when I do go into the office.

  27. Something that can be useful is Seamoth storage for loot you gather. You will find far more stuff than you can carry. You may even want to come back again later to get more.

  28. so there are hostiles in the aurora? I've been lied to. also idk I haven't rlly tried it

  29. Bleeders in the water around the reactors but they do barely anything and can be killed easily.

  30. I don’t even know how power transmitters work do you just make a line of them

  31. Yeah, they ignore terrain and work in any direction so just line them up. Start at a power plant and keep going as long as you see a blue line.

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