1. I’ve had this for ages and it’s infuriating! Works fine on phone or Mac, but not TV.

  2. You probably have content restrictions turned on - I have it set to require a passcode for anything above PG or PG-13 (one or the other), and the AppleTV app won’t even show content above that rating except for the library where it shows my purchases.

  3. Shut down the churches already fuck me dead

  4. Love the subtle nod to Eric Zelenka in the screenshot (he was manager of the group that developed ARD at the time).

  5. Come for the pictures of fish, stay for the house wine!

  6. Whoa, there was a physical Voyager model? I assumed it was all CG by then.

  7. So I'm gonna drop my favorite casserole recipe. Which is hot wing casserole.

  8. I'm assuming you cook the chicken prior to chopping/tossing, because 10 minutes doesn't seem long enough to cook it?

  9. We have an on-prem Synology backing up our Google Workspace data using Active Backup for Google Workspace. We had intended it to be an on-prem copy of our users' local data, since they back their machines up to Google using the Google Drive app, but that data is sadly excluded from what the Synology backs up. But at least we have our own copy of mail/Drive/calendar/etc. data.

  10. Are documents being converted to doc, xls, and so forth as the takeout does?

  11. If you export the files, it converts them to their MS Office equivalents. If you restore to Google Drive, they seem to retain all their original attributes (sharing, etc.) so I believe they're being backed up in their native format.

  12. Terry Farrell left Deep Space Nine to do Becker, which wasn’t bad per se, but probably wasn’t the right move. She also had to deal with Rick Berman being…well…Rick Berman, so I can’t fault her for leaving.

  13. Not this year since ESPN didn't have the broadcast rights to the game.

  14. Disney owns Fox now too, though.

  15. Only Fox Entertainment, not Fox News or Fox Sports.

  16. That explains the Fox News ad I saw. I knew FN was excluded from the sale, so I was wondering how that ad made it through. Now I know.

  17. Man, the business I work with (where I have become the unofficial IT guy), everyone will just text and email the company passwords to each other, including the business owner.

  18. Time to invest in the business edition of 1Password or something. They can still share passwords among themselves (shared vault), but at least it’ll be secure.

  19. I love all 3 BttF movies, but here's my big problem with the premise:

  20. Giving antibiotics to fight a viral infection is like washing your car because its tires are flat. It might lead to an improvement of the overall condition of the vehicle, but it will do nothing for the primary problem.

  21. Found one online. The guy wanted $90. I sent the money and went to pick it up. He messaged me and said it wasn’t turning on, so he refunded my money. Since I was coming to where he lives anyway to see family, he said I could just have it for free. I brought it home and it fired up.

  22. The number of CRT-based Apple devices that seem to just want a car ride to start working is ridiculous. We brought so many eMacs back to life by just driving them from the classroom where they were failing to our office for diagnosis. Powered right up once we got them on the bench, continued working once we drove them back. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  23. There was a famous thing on The Daily WTF where HP had to send some printed licence certificates to someone. Instead of sending them 100 licences on one page, they packaged each one up on its own page. In a padded envelope. In a cardboard box. Then an outer box for each ten of those, then a larger box for all of those.

  24. “This pallet could’ve been an email.”

  25. We had Clever implemented and then it was requested by incoming administration that we move to ClassLink. Overall, Clever is a bit better. It lets teachers set up and organize the dashboard that their students see, whereas they have no control at all with ClassLink.

  26. It isn't, unfortunately. They want to be able to manage the home screen of icons that their students see (removing unneeded icons, adding their own, arranging and grouping them, etc), and getting the little kids into the My Classes section is too many clicks for them.

  27. I find his videos and personality abrasive and generally unpleasant, but he often makes good points anyway. Interested in this sub’s thoughts.

  28. Ha! Maybe I’m just turned off by how strongly you seem to dislike Apple, having been a Mac fan since, like, 1993.

  29. We back up via Veeam to a server with a 50TB RAID attached via 2 eSATA cables (so Windows just sees it as a big 50TB chunk of disk), and use a Synology with Active Backup for Business to back up the Veeam server. Our production, Veeam backup, and Synology are all in different buildings from each other.

  30. It was determined to be working prior to being labelled as such, presumably.

  31. Extreme every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

  32. Seconded for extreme. Support and management aren't top notch, but prices are reasonable and as long as you're willing to learn a little on the command line, they've been very reliable for us.

  33. See, I’ve had way better support experiences with Extreme than Aruba.

  34. Or worse, a mediocre private college.

  35. Jesus the runabout is so much larger than I thought. Why do they usually only run with a few people?

  36. Well, it’s not to the same scale as the station or the Cardassian ship, you know, right?

  37. Not just show runner; creator, head writer, executive producer.

  38. Beautiful! Just a note should you have any other reason to re-print the labels: The “Z” at the end of MHz or GHz should be lowercase, not uppercase.

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