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  1. The Slapwagon I got by 777 was fantastic. Would love to see it again ✌️❤️🌳

  2. Hell yea.. then I also got a couple BR strains right now and I have my Seed&Strain Papa Don sitting here too, this stuff is incredible.. lol

  3. Not weird, just your preference. I’m amazed at how much more attracted I am to skinny guys rather than the “hot muscular guys.” We all just like what we like.

  4. 🤣🤣🤣 My wife and I have been together for almost 15 yrs. When we met, I was super skinny from several years of very unhealthy lifestyle choices. She always complained I needed to "put some meat on my bones". So, I naturally put some weight back on as my body slowly recovered from all the BS I put it through, and was about 185 lbs (I'm 6'1"). Then a few years ago, I got back into muay thai and jeet kun do and started to get cut up from training. Silly me, I thought my wife would be all like, " damn! When did you get sexy?" And instead, i got "ewwww! When did you get THOSE gross things?" 😝 So yeah, I can vouch for that.

  5. Can someone chime in and explain what locally grown is so I don't butcher it.

  6. Ahhh...that figures I've talked to people on here that are getting insanely cheap prices on amazing bud cuz they live near a growers "home" dispensary

  7. Locally grown is pure Ohio wellnesses in house brand it's the exact same flower as the pure Ohio that you can buy other dispensaries it's labeled for sale in their dispensaries only. That's why you don't see it anywhere else all of their strains have two names but they are the same flower

  8. Zeus arc hub Comes with an awesome mill that grinds the flower and fills capsules that easily load into vape. Super high quality vape, love the temp settings, super portable, I had a pax3 this blows it away. Only dry herb tho.

  9. Agreed! I didn't really want to pay almost $16g but it made it a little better since I got that oz of OCL for $4g I was going to get that Pappa Don but it's going to be 30%off on Tuesday. I'm definitely gonna to get some.

  10. Can't go wrong with that pap don! Big OCL fan too! Illudium and Zookies are on deck right now 😁

  11. Papa don is always fire. Their franco lemon cheese and sunset octane are also fire

  12. have yet to try 100% labs, heard mixed reviews. Might give them a shot now, haven’t done shatter in so long. I’ll give it a look, thanks!

  13. 🤣 I feel ya! Everything on here has mixed reviews. People can't agree on anything. The funny part is, people get mad and argue about it, instead of simply saying, "huh. I'm glad that works for you. I tried it and was unhappy. To each their own." So, as I can only speak from my experience, I will say that I have always been happy with my Hundred Percent Labs purchases. I don't vape much, but thier pax pods are the best option when I do (I HAD a uni pro that eas nice for the 510s, but my wife jacked it😁). And IMHO, their shatter is #1. But I love the strains they use, love the caryophyllene %, love the easy handling of the shatter (it's not super sticky, easy to snap a piece off and toss it in yocan).

  14. yeah terp numbers are everything to me, more important than cannabinoid profile. I haven’t done shatter in so long but now you got me tempted😂

  15. Cannabinoid #s don't tell me shit...terp #s tell me what a strain does and how its gonna effect me

  16. Thanks for the info broseph! It sure sounds like we like a lot of the same strains. Do you care to share what certified flower works well for you if you don’t mind? to treat my autism symptoms as well

  17. The tongue splashers seems to be the best at quickly bringing me down from an anxiety attack, but I have only been able to find it once, so I normally use animal mintz select for that, but its VERY strong, so sometimes i come down a little too far lol. I find the dark rainbow works great for me for just general social anxiety i feel having to work around people. The g soap works great for me for focus; i get easily overwhelmed and distracted if there are a lot of stimuli, and the g soap keeps me leveled out nicely.

  18. Love to hear that, I work with this bud everyday! So glad people love our product!

  19. I know this post is old af, but I had to respond. Sour Blue is my morning wake-up! Every day since i discovered it! Thanks for making such a consistent flower. I can always depend on this to be fire (as well as all of BR lineup). And if you work at BR, do me a big favor and kick whoever decided to ax king's mustache in the balls (or vagina, I don't discriminate) 😁

  20. Damn! I grabbed like 10 different sneak peek jars on BR sale day, and the planet of the grapes sold out before I could order. I was already disappointed, now I'm sad 😔 😪

  21. What are the top three worth trying out of what you got?

  22. Honestly, I haven't tried any of them yet 🤣 I'm waiting till next week after they've been jarred up for a while. I WILL say, the top 3 I'm most excited for based on smell, appearance, terp profile, and lineage are (in order):

  23. Yea I'm wondering if it'll be around much... I also got the sneak peak Eager Beaver which is really good. That's from BR though. Just saying, I know that, at least at Strawberry Fields Columbus, those 2 are safe bets that were well worth it.

  24. I'm looking forward to trying the eager beaver. I picked up that, skunkband, durban cheese, raspberry parfait, mac and cheese, notorious cle, and root beer kush. But as with all BR sneak peek jars, when I got home I re-jarred them in glass with bodeva packs for a week or so. That's my only beef with BR, is those damn jars. The rest of your jars are glass, wouldn't you want your "preview" jars to be superior? I dunno.

  25. I do that with pretty much everything I buy. Right into an airtight just with a Boveda. Sometimes I don't but it's always going to make sure the humidity is at the right level so I usually just stick one in there. The Eager Beaver isn't overly dry though.

  26. Nope. I plan on posting a review when i do though. Probably next week sometime. I just grabbed all those sneak peek jars early cuz it was BR sale day and I knew they were gonna need to sit. I agree, except Certified. I don't think I have ever needed to jar Certified. I got the Willie's Strawberry Cheesecake on BR day, and I probably should have jarred it (it was borderline), but I really wanted to smoke it because someone on here said it was like Strawberry cough. He's a goddamn liar, it's not even in the ballpark as the cough🤣 Honestly, the Larry Cake is the only Willie's I've liked so far. The half ounce of Sour blue diesel didn't need to be jarred, it was perfect. I just picked up some animal face minis from woodward today, and surprisingly they are pretty on point with the cure too.

  27. Fucking amazing! Terps are insane! 2.15% ocimene, .57% CRN, aPNE and LME both at .55%! Stinks up the whole room when i open the jar and it tastes amazing! Effects are top notch! Super relaxing, great for arthritis and muscle/joint pain, and mellows me out nicely.

  28. I feel ya. I'm 3.5hr away from MI but I have to make it there a few times a year. Ohio is full of old thinking and it's hard to un-do brainwashing our government did to them regarding cannabis 50 years ago. IMO that's why we still can't seem to vote properly in these elections.

  29. Yeah, i don't know. Where I live (Youngstown), most everyone seems to either be for legalization (recreation), or they don't care either way. Personally, I would like them to scrap this garbage "medical" program and start from the ground up before they fully legalize, because if they go full rec off rip, medical patients get fucked. Because as soon as rec hits, all the growers care about is getting the thc % as high as possible, not a medical use strain at 17%. Smfh

  30. Idk man. There still plenty of quality growers in Michigan who could care less about thc #'s. Not only the people growing at home but also some cultivators (Winewood - for example). Either way, passing rec will likely come with home grow AND prices will drop in dispos. I'm good with both.

  31. True. It just sucks because i see the true medical potential of the program, it's sad to see it ignored in the name of profit.

  32. I picked this up yesterday because of your review. Thanks it's really good! I also picked up purple mountain majesty which is a blueberry muffin cross. I bet someone made a mistake on the menu as it's also a new BR Sneak Peek.

  33. That purple mountain majesty was 🔥 🔥 🔥! You lucky bastard. We only got it through where I am at once, but I have been searching for it eveer since. One giant bud, perfectly looked amazing, smelled fantastic, and the effects were spot on for me. Gave me a great afternoon boost, without the restless energy I like in the morning from my orange 43 or lemon slushee. Aaaaaaand, like every other medicine that works for me, I'm pretty sure I will never find it again. "Medical" program my ass! What a fucking joke. I'm so fucking sick of suffering in silence because my medication is controlled by a group of corrupt assholes, whose only goal in creating this shit show was to get voters off their back and make themselves a fucking fortune by creating a closed monopoly where only the people THEY pick own everything. And people talk shit about big pharma, smfh. Don't get me wrong, I hate pharmaceuticals and the companies the push them (thats another whole rant), but these fucking cock gobbling republican cunts need to be flushed like the pieces of shit they are. And as for dewine and his stupid little rat face (i was so tired of seeing and/or hearing this asshole be in love with the sound of his own voice every single fucking day durring covid, i swear, i started avoiding being around anyone with a tv or radio around the time he came on every day, cuz if i heard his narcissistic, smug, fucking evil voice one more damn time....), i hope that waste of fucking oxygen burns in hell

  34. Absolutely! I picked up 5 sneak peek jars from BR, and they are always super dry cuz they use those shit jars. Brought them home, re-jarred them with bodeva. Will probably smoke in a couple days. These packs are a must have. They work miracles with dry/old bud.

  35. Thca is thc that has not been decarbed yet. In order for you to get high, thca needs heated to activate it ( lighter ), thus turning it into regular thc. Thca to thc % will always decrease slightly after decarbing. Add that to the regular thc % , which is what it is. Already activated. You get your total THC %.

  36. Me too! Only seen this once at my dispo 😪 Seems like every time i find a strain i like, my dispo stops carrying it 😆

  37. Indeed. Each and every single jar I have got from them was not just good herb, but it was dried and cured properly. Could it be a touch moister? Sure, but when you are worrying about Mildew/Mold, you don't want to risk it, so a little drier than we would like it to be, in the end, isn't that big of a deal nor a deal breaker.

  38. Their live resin lusters with their lower wattage battery do the trick for me.

  39. They are definitely nice, but i still don't understand why i can't have adjustable voltage like my uni

  40. YoCan orbit is a decent wax pen for $50. has terp pearls. Erik Khan made a

  41. Hell yeah! My buddy has the regen, and it was only $30, but has 3 temp settings, magnetic hood (trust me, you want this), and the little silicone storage cup on bottom

  42. That's good to know This jar was so good i was actually considering buying bulk (i have never in my life paid 180+ for a half) But you're not the first that said the halves of this were not good.

  43. Yeah do not do it and I used to love klutch bro I never have said anything bad about them up until this recent purchase had me very upset

  44. I've heard that from several people. So far, i haven't gotten burned buying the tenths (unless you count the ghost og, which had great effects, but taste and smell were meh)

  45. I got some when it first dropped and it was fire! Got another a couple days ago, and its all dry and shit. Gonna hit it with an integra, cuz that last time, it was super fruity smelling, sticky, gooey . This time, barn smell until i squeeze it, then the nice fruity smell comes out a bit. But all moisure is gone. No more sticky, just dry and crumbley.

  46. Idk about specific terps but I have definitely found it’s necessary to keep at least 5-6 variety of strains on hand. I’m in a mood for a different strain almost every time I use

  47. Absolutely! Best part of this program is having terp info and 12 strains on deck at the crib 😆

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