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  1. The Pension Pot is empty and there is a lack of younger people paying into the system....I wonder what the solutions are? Increase the working population? Increase childbirth? Tax the Rich...

  2. Honestly, i feel the big problem is relying on the government. Social security is a fucking scam. And unfortunately, the days of industry (at least in my area), are long gone, as are all the jobs that actually offered decent pension plans. I fucked off all of my 20's, made tons of $, but all under the table, so while i had a great time traveling the world and just experiencing all that i possibly could, i basically started from scratch around 3o, when i got married and settled down. My advice is, find a good, reputable financial advisor (i don't pay mine anything upfront... He only gets paid if he makes me $... He takes a %). Best descision i ever made. In ten years, I'm well on course to retire at 56, with or without social security.

  3. I think MT is largely a lost cause. I might have to leave when I retire, seeing confederate flags all over the place is getting worrisome.

  4. That's sad to hear😪 I've only visited, but holy hell, what beautiful country!

  5. Man... My rotty died just Monday, yours even looks older than my boy was. Cancer fucken sucks.

  6. Right?! My wife and i rescued a shepard a few years ago, and last year when my wife had takotsubo cardiomyopathy, she had a series of strokes and a heart attack, and he saved her life by alerting me right when it started. My wife was in a coma in the cleveland clinic for almost 3 months, then she made a remarkable recovery. A couple weeks after she came home, i had to put him down😪 He got a tumor in his mouth, and it was so fast 😭 Fuck cancer.

  7. Yeah, my boy had a pancreatic tumor, as soon as I heard it was on his pancreas it was kinda hopeless. That's almost always terminal. He couldn't even walk because his blood sugar levels were so damn low. I hope our Aussie handles it ok.

  8. I had to find another dog to rescue with the quickness... Our cats and boxer mix got SUPER depressed when he passed. We rescued a little pittie that got abandoned by her previous owner, and she's been a lifesaver! All of our fur babies took to her immediately, now they're inseparable.

  9. R.C. complains about having lbs of product piling up. Maybe if they weren't the most expensive in the market, they could sell more. This is a medical program ,not retail. Many of the people I stand in line with at the dispos are on fixed incomes, we can't afford to pay high dollars for boutique bud. Especially when we know that other states have lower prices for the same or equivalent products. Looks to me like the producers are afraid of competition driving the prices/profits down. What the fuck happened to free market capitalism here????

  10. RC is a fucking joke. Their flower prices are so high, they are almost comical, except for the fact we are talking about MEDICINE, damn it!!! I know a ton of people that would love to be a medical marijuana patient, but are on fixed incomes, and can't even afford to buy the low end flower, let alone some overpriced garbage they want $300 a half for, just because they put it in a cheap ass janky tin. What the actual fuck goes on here? How could someone run a business this way, and not go under? Well, since dewine and his cronies made it so that only their buddies can grow/sell in this state, that's why RC is shaking in their booties about this new senate bill. More dispensaries means competition, which will lead to better quality products and lower prices every single time! That's why RC is pushing against it so hard. If they actually have to compete, they will go under in less than a year. Their current business model is not sustainable once the patients have more, better, cheaper options. Honestly, i think the only reason they are still around now is because they are still riding on their old rep from when they actually produced a quality product (kinda like apple😂).

  11. Im trying the sticky fruit x ice cream cake terp sugar tomorrow! I'm super excited. Lighthouse is by far my favorite cultivator for extracts, and i absolutely LOVED their problem child terp creme and flan. I hope my dispo gets this one too! I'd love to try 😋

  12. Right?! I'm a heavy, HEAVY toker, and most of the shit that actually gets me FRIED is high terp, thc between 17% and 23% 🤷‍♂️

  13. Yep.. their Garlic Cookie 10ths are $48.00 plus tax where I’m at. I can get 5.66 of BR Willies Reserve Strawberry Cheesecake for $45.00 plus tax LMFAO.. but that Strawberry Cheesecake comes and goes. I can’t find it anywhere. Every dispensary around me has RC garlic cookies.

  14. People (at least around me) used to eat up the GC everytime my dispo got it. I've never been a fan, but i did used to like their Lost River ALOT. But over that last several months, their quality has been steadily dropping, but the price has stayed the same or gone up. I won't ever give them any $ ever again. The last SEVERAL times i bought their flower (crescendo, lost river, and avantii), it didn't look like they even bothered to trim it!!! If you expect me to pay over $50 for a tenth, it had BETTER NOT have over a FUCKING GRAM of leaves and twigs. RC is a fucking joke. I honestly don't know how they've stayed in business. Now they want to sell all their shit flower off by dipping it in their garbage distillate and calling it "moonrocks"!!!😂😂😂

  15. Yum. I want to try this strain need to find oz or a half of the flower. Not a fan of smalls

  16. It's fire. ALWAYS. Never had a bad bag/jar, no matter the size.

  17. My favorite flower in the program! And of course, now that BR has it in d&s, my dispo gets every strain EXCEPT sour blue 😔 I saw BR is putting out rosin now too, and i would LOVE some sour blue rosin!!!

  18. I have autism. Cannabis is the only thing that helps. When I got my card, it was not a qualifying condition, however, since i have chronic pain in my ass from dealing with people unmedicated, i qualified for that 😜

  19. If he's like me, and he's on the eastern part of ohio, and his drivers license is being held hostage because bazetta sent fines to collections (even though i had a payment plan set up with them and never missed a payment, fucking cocksuckers), then perhaps he: a) Doesn't have $1k+ to pay off the collection agency, b) Can't find anyone to carpool, or c) people who are willing to drive want so much $ for going, it's the same difference to shop in ohio.

  20. Funny thing about bananas from the grocery store... They have been bred for longevity, not flavor. "REAL" bananas (i.e. the ones i tried in thailand) are unbelievably flavourfull! Kinda ruins the ones at the grocery store for you once you try one, though.

  21. Who pronounces it anGEL except in FFVII 👼

  22. Yes😔 We rescued her like that.... I've never understood why people cut thier ears. I suppose if you are actually gonna fight them, (which is sick, btw), but pitties have the cutest ears! People are fucked up. At least they didnt clip her tail.

  23. Asians are POCs when it's convenient to oppress other POCs with the whole, "look at THOSE immigrants, they're doing well! It must be something wrong with the culture of all the other immigrants." When it comes to affirmative action and why Asians shouldn't be considered as minorities under that policy, Asians are white.

  24. The way you stated that makes me have to ask.... The only "human"? Is there a prolific non-human writer out there I am unaware of? 😂

  25. At least you can watch the night court reboot now without the vcr

  26. I've been too scared to watch. Night Court was one of my all time favorites! RIP Harry Anderson!

  27. I love larroquette too (night court, his show, boston legal), so i will have to cautiously check it out. 😊 Thanks, friend

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