1. It’s disgusting SBF is still free right now. He has the audacity to go on public interviews talking about “oh I didn’t mean to scam anyone” while giving his own mother a million in user funds?

  2. Well you're talking about a rot that goes the core of the system. SBF was the second largest donor to the left after only George Soros. He had meetings with CFTC and SEC heads. Media house report like if this was a mistake calling them kids made mistakes and SBF was trying to fight pandemics instead of calling it what it is. Frauds and criminals. Congressmembers already attempted to block an FTX investigation.

  3. After FTX, I'd honestly givr anything to go back to Hacktober

  4. UK Economy needs crypto. Even with the chaos, it was wayy better prospects than their current economy.

  5. Plant protein is much harder to utilize by the body than animal protein actually.

  6. We honestly should have seen this coming. BlockFi badly badly off financially such that they needed and were probably running off a couple hundred million credit from FTX in June. Is it really a surprise that they failed after FTX did?

  7. So FTX can clawback withdrawals from customers amid the meltdown, but can’t legally clawback from these PACs? I’d venture a class action for return of funds by FTX creditors against PACs would be viable and incredibly entertaining.

  8. Actually they can. However...I imagine courts/lawyers would look last to clawback from charities since it's kind of a bad look. Also, if those 'charities' have links in high places then they'll probably be left alone.

  9. Thanks but do you have a source? I know $1B was missing but Idk that it was given as donations

  10. Can't be a very good person if he's rubbing it out to little girls

  11. Some people's brain are just wired that way. Some people are naturally attract to much older, and some much younger. Just get the short end pf the evolutionary stick. BUT NOT AN EXCUSE.

  12. Don't. The warning signs have been there for a loooong time.

  13. I dont know man, they had me at each syllable in the name. /s

  14. I read "safemoon" I assune it's already a scam and just read it for entertainment.

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