1. Laimer deal looks pretty bad at this point. Hopefully Tel will still get minutes.

  2. I swear to god if this is another players Vs coach thing I am going to be furious.

  3. that would be a complete flip after these same guys reported solid support for nagelsmann the whole time

  4. i hope for grier that he has something lined up, solid guys, who havent signed yet or maybe get cut somewhere else

  5. proxy tanking is fun, watching the texans getting the 3rd overall pick for us was one of the funniest things i have ever done

  6. Really hoping we keep Wilkins. Been waiting on news of an extension or if we're going to kick that closer to his contract ending.

  7. As someone that lives in Munich, at the very least, I see a somewhat clear trend from Munichian's (?) to distinct themselves from certain parts of Bavaria. So from my personal experience the "Munich bubble" seems to identify+connects themselves more to the southern regions then to the other big cities in the east, west or north of Bavaria

  8. Counter-Strike 2! holy fucking shitttttt

  9. i get it that we could not grab a 20 million a year guy, but the solid, mid priced dudes signed elsewhere

  10. gnabry needs some good tape asap, if he wants a cl club to spend a pretty penny for him

  11. Can anyone other than a CL club afford his contract? I think unless Brazzo can pull some magic, or they're looking to just offload him for whatever price, he's gonna be hard to sell.

  12. Maybe unpopular opinion atm, because it seems to be a trend to shit against players, but I think we got outplayed by Leverkusen tactically and that JN made a terrible job in setting up the team.

  13. our midfield never got into the game, but their defenders always found free midfielders to pass to

  14. It’s so strange the team honestly. I shit on Sane a lot and thinking about I don’t know how much it is on him beeing a disaster or how much it is Nagelsman constantly playing him as CAM/CM.

  15. Lol no shit. I suppose he’s about to reveal that the Dolphins aren’t picking up Igbo’s either.

  16. OP is just a clown who spends 90% of his time hating on Sane, and also has a history of being a dumbass on this sub, so it's expected lol

  17. You're welcome. Just so nobody wastes their time arguing with you

  18. I highly doubt they are willing to go close to 8m/year on another OL bc that would tie up too much of the cap on the OL. They are already paying Armstead and will have to pay Williams and Hunt next season. That'll be 3 OL making "significant" money.

  19. Haaland can score as just as much as he likes against small teams he’s not having that same joy against upa de ligt and pavard

  20. Being peruvian is sad an infuriating. I’d 100% take the german route. First world country, better education than Perú, better economy, more opportunities, more open minded people, city infrastructure on another level, less poverty, less crime and last but not least (aside from Giulia Gwinn): FC Bayern.

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