1. Do you think he’d have any chance against King Piccolo or his minions?

  2. I think it depends on where we scale King Piccolo, with some people saying he's moon level while others go by the Diaz which says King Piccolo's power is compared to that of a small nuke. If it's the latter, then Homelander might have a better chance...

  3. World historical events are definitely bad and have been happening a lot more since 2020, but also I think this is part of the media apparatus. Like billions of dollars going into addictive interfaces to manipulate you and rile you up with a sense that the world is ending and you NEED to KNOW MORE so that you keep scrolling and freaking out. It's like you said, non-stop front and center. I hope that we will look back on the way we consume media now similarly to addiction to Vegas-style slot machines, an unfortunate vice of a bygone era. It is vital to set limits to this stuff and stop dosing yourself with what is essentially decentralized agitprop.

  4. You're so spot on with everything you've said here. You definitely said everything way better than I did in my post.

  5. I was burned out on the ToS by then, it just became tedious for me. The last two times you have to go there are specifically the most annoying parts to me, but especially getting the compass

  6. I haven't watched the TV series yet, I've only seen the YouTube shorts.

  7. Oh yeah. This is definitely it. I still can't believe they showed this on TV.

  8. This subject always makes me a bit mad because if Pink could do that to Pearl, then the other Diamonds could definitely do it to their Pearls. And it's just not explored.

  9. I don't know what this movie is, but I'm going to help you look for it. You're also very descriptive about the movie and what it entails, which I appreciate. That should hopefully make it easier for me to narrow down.

  10. Infinite strength is building level according to this sub, but because Goku yelled really loudly that one time he’s outerversal duh

  11. And according to this sub, Goku as a baby would solo everyone in OPM because he's faster than light and a casual moon-buster.

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