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  1. But they from footlocker bro, I got the receipt!!

  2. Hows the microphone quality? did you use tthe internal or external microphone. ? I heard. its super low volume and you. have to go into engineer settings to increase the. sensitivity of the microphone

  3. Microphone quality is good.talking normally. This is built in microphone

  4. Any links? Good to know a reliable aliexpress link

  5. It looks like she’s paying at Chipotle— which makes it well worth the squeeze

  6. You’re 110% correct- this dudes taking a big ass* dump… all while squeezing his girls romp-a-domp. (To be fair there is a chipotle in NY that looks just like that)

  7. I will keep you searching for the answer Ps the girl is not my wife

  8. How do I get these ive checked everywhere now there is 100s of fake sites copying the good ones noob want a daytona from them there is 10 diff website for noob idk which one is the noob factory dont wanna make a 600 dollar mistake

  9. My advice is you get in touch with hontwatch via WhatsApp Look at the reptile guide

  10. The second that Hont told me he have vsf omegas I bought three watches😂😂 glad that I squeezed the trigger, 1 arrived , 2 more to go 😁

  11. TD: How many subdials do you want on your watch? This guy: Yes

  12. This watch can handle every water pressure

  13. How does the bracelet feel? Comfortable? Also, do you know the quality of the movement? I've been looking to get the same watch, but in a different color. Looking forward to your review.

  14. Updates soon my friend, the bracelet is amazing!

  15. New here. How do I locate geektime. I am drooling over the watch.

  16. Looks like it's broken, I'll kindly dispose of it ;)

  17. Just got my new vsf omega from Eric of geek time! Have a look guys !! The review is coming soon !

  18. Since I live in America, I'd be quite concerned if my watch was shipped to Israel.

  19. Pre raid all vsf omega SM had the same flaw. Slight tilted DW to the left and bezel 30. The last ones I see are perfect, including this one. Did they start producing again? I can’t believe this is old stock. Have they found a way to sell fast!?

  20. This is post raid, ordered from geektime and waited 2 days for qc pictures

  21. Great timepiece my friend. Everything is good! Glad for you!

  22. First. Thank for the comment. Can you tell me what you think is best? The VSF or ORF?

  23. They are both good. I'll tell you in my review coming out next week.


  25. You have a nice day as well! Thanks again for going out of your way to take a look, I may consult you again in the future for any other watches from ORF if you don't mind.

  26. Feel free to get in touch with me. Happy to help!

  27. Thanks! Likely there was a mixup with the backlog. I ordered other watches from him and did not have any issues. I'll contact him and let you know.

  28. Thank you my friend. Happy to help! I love Eric he is fast, understanding and helping. Have a great day!

  29. SEL looks good my friend Looks good overall, I would gl

  30. Lately geektime is faster than trustytime. Just bought omega seamaster vsf from geektime. Half a day and I got qc pictures. Amazing

  31. They are back with specific models, check with you’re TD

  32. Thats what I was thinking... I just don't understand the machine part. Don't know if the time keeping portion is good or not. I love the support though

  33. The time loss is great you will lose 0-1 second a day It’s fantastic

  34. Sarcasm? I don't know now to read those, could you please help me to understand?

  35. No sarcasm, the top left 0-1 s/d (second a day) Your specific timgrapher is adding between 0 to 1 seconds in 24 hours, it counts as good my friend, no sarcasm

  36. ORF didn’t manufacture this watch, just the 2018+ for my knowledge, and trustytime is working with them and in the last 4 months he didn’t posted this watch or any other watch from this year’s model(2012) by ORF and on the ORF website it doesn’t show this model. I love trustytime and I buy from him omega replicas and didn’t came across this model in his site , can you send a link?

  37. The box from the gen Watch is awesome also nice watch and Rep!!!

  38. Yes it’s the double box one,


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