1. Facts. Wouldn’t be tolerated the other way around and rightfully so. So it isn’t ok this way either

  2. Anakin when he finally realises that Palpatine was Darth Sidious: You're an irredeemable Sith Lord! The Senate: Oh! woah! What took you so long? Jedi!!!

  3. Jar Jar aside, it definitely goes Luke (Dark Empire) > Lord Starkiller > Qui-Gon. Qui-Gon isn't a bad fighter, but if he doesn't have the skill, stamina, or power to take the others. Lord Starkiller is better, but he can't match Luke's power, and Luke's skills by that point are probably more impressive, too.

  4. Actually Grand Master Luke. Best photo I could use

  5. Thinking Luke would come out on top, but Darth Binks wouldn’t let him go unscathed

  6. Ask how she’s doing and pay her her respects. I’m not being killed by zombies in the Star Wars universe of all places

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