1. Is that beldia , seems like a great deal. Does it still bubble for that price? Where are you?

  2. I don’t know if it bubbles first hash block I’ve ever bought myself and I’m in Netherlands

  3. The game is really good no game is Perfect what’s important is they are a very competent but small team with a guy running the show who cares a lot about the development and the community as it is his brainchild. People complain too much when it’s still in development.

  4. I had three consecutive raids today where I, my teammate or my enemy was invisible due to the invisible PMC glitch. The game also has a rampant cheating problem among other things. This game is a fantastic concept, but honestly at this point is just a horribly executed and will never get better. I’ve played this game off and on since it’s initial release and some things have gotten a lot better, but many things have not changed or gotten worse. Calling them very competent is laughable.

  5. That’s my experience with the game. show me a game company which cares more about the product they produce. Very few examples. But also not a hardcore gamer maybe play the game 6-7 hours a week so I imagine I don’t see a lot of the problems.

  6. Looks good bro I’ve never smoked hash like that but looks good!!!! Enjoy one for me! Will burn like a candle 🕯️

  7. Is that not most likely? That there is no god?

  8. At this point, why the cartels don't buy anti-air missiles? They have the money and opportunity

  9. We don’t want them getting anti aircraft guns and they probably won’t.

  10. Men showed bravery and honour on all sides of the war, especially since OPs grandad was part of the Germanin main army and not the bully’s and criminals who volunteered for the SS.

  11. Man the online techno community is such a f*ing pain in the butt, distancing themselves from the mainstream, they sound like those Rick and Morty fans lol

  12. Yeh thanks bro don’t know why people seems to make it about something else! Just I enjoyed the music and got a cool photo and thought I’d share!

  13. Nice pic man, glad you enjoyed it. Btw, if you accept suggestions, this is one you could call a goat:

  14. Will check it out thanks! 🙏🏿 the couple recommendations i got have been great!

  15. suck your mum… you are a racist bastard and i hope your children despise your racist sympathiser ass

  16. A great way to get your point across! So understanding and polite and you really come across as a smart and thoughtful person!

  17. He's not different than hitler The only reason why we consider this genocidal bastard "great" is because he was on the winning side of the war that's why he's so glorified...

  18. Churchill is no different the Hitler? I understand no one is perfect. but come on? Do you really believe that?

  19. Definitely not the weather they are used to.

  20. Yeh same here got like 3-4 wipes Under my belt but didn’t play this lastet one will add you up.

  21. Sam did a Rewatchables style movie review podcast of 2001 A Space Odyssey with Very Bad Wizards. Interesting to see Sam a bit out of his element with film criticism. I wasn’t a huge fan, but that’s probably because I don’t like the movie all that much. If he did, say, No Country for Old Men, I’d be all over that.

  22. I loved that podcast great to see Sam in a bit more of a relaxed atmosphere

  23. Yes, if Not I wouldn't be here now. He was awarded with the Ritterkreuz (knightscross) in 1945 and got Shot through His hand, luckily He was sent home after the injury before everything went down

  24. Agreed, although I wouldn't say it's niche anymore at all. Many big dj's and labels who used to play proper techno are leaning towards fast percussive sounds and reviving the tribal wave from the 2000's. Just look at Hayes, Clergy, the newly founded Mutual Rytm or the revival of Gaetano's Conform Records.

  25. Best place in the past and best place now I’m 100% sure!! Just came back from Verknipt was very crazy.

  26. I really like the hard techno personally! Verknipt probably the best festival Ive gone too not only crazy music but the lights show was amazing. Don’t know if it’s just about instant gratification or memeable content but your opinion. Just wanna party as hard as my parents did in the 90s, cause they put us to shame how hard they went!

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