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  1. I’m sorry I had to look up that one and all I can say is…. DAMN IT THICK!!! 🤣

  2. Had an accident like this happen when editing my video for a bf4 fail… the music perfectly matched my shots. I questioned leaving it the way it was but then said to myself…. Ya know I think this’ll work… here’s the video. I post nearly daily so please subscribe! It’ll help me be able to finally see a doctor if I get monetized.

  3. It looked good until they fucking bukaked it with cheese

  4. Oh so that’s why you called yourself lil cumster lol ya can’t take big loads 🤣

  5. People assume i call myself Lil Cumster beacuse of cum but i just named myself this because it was 3am and i was wasted

  6. now in texas no permit is required at all. people gonna be shooting each other to death over who gets the last slim jim at the 7-11

  7. Um anyone know the name of that woman…. I ask because I legitimately think Ikn her…. Was this in los banos CA?

  8. Man here I am only a dollar to my name and this man’s just destroying a perfectly good moped… I’d use that for so many things…

  9. Nope never because I never get to have these moments. I’m just doomed to be a lone wolf.

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